Plymouth Duster

The first Plymouth Duster was a half hatchback variant of the model Valiant, Chrysler manufactured under the brand name Plymouth 1970-1976.

The Duster competed with Ford's much smaller hatchback Maverick, which was introduced in 1970. The Maverick replaced the Ford Falcon, who competes with the Plymouth Valiant. The Maverick was not a four-door, the Duster. The Duster was born from the desire of Plymouth 's design department to use the accumulated money in 1970 for the revision of the Valiant for a little tingle Deres than just another new two - or four-door Valiant. Under critical observation of the management, the engineers and designers of Plymouth created a system modeled closely on the Valiant notchback coupe that the desired modern look offered on the old chassis. The Duster should also close the gap left by the first based on the Valiant Barracuda. When the Barracuda in 1970 moved from the A to the new e- platform, he left in the model range a gap that needed to be filled with a compact sports car. The Duster filled this gap and thus contributed also to the failure of the new Barracuda pony cars on the e- platform for.

From Duster there were numerous variants that time rather emphasized the economy, then the load capacity or performance. This led to the model name as Feather Duster, Gold Duster, Space Duster Duster or Twister.

1970: Introduction

1970 Plymouth unveiled the new model, which the 1969 concept vehicle Duster I was based. Prior to the bulkhead of the Valiant Duster resembled to a hair, but the rest of the car was very different from the sedan. He had a semi- fastback roof and a special rear apron with double horizontal taillights. Only in the 1970 model year had the car. On the front fenders above the caption " Duster " a little " Valiant " lettering

The 1970 Duster was available in two versions: the standard Duster and the more powerful Duster 340 as the drive was next to the 3.2-liter inline six- cylinder Chrysler slant6 and a 3.7- liter version of the same engine two Chrysler LA V8 engines available with 5.2 liter and 5.6 liter displacement.

From the middle of the model year, there was the equipment package Gold Duster for the standard model. The Gold Duster was it only with the 3.7-liter or 5.2 - liter engine. Moreover, had the car " Gold Duster " lettering, gold colored side stripes and other luxury amenities. Overall, 1970 217.192 Duster were sold, of which 24 817 copies with the big 5.6 -liter engine.


The Duster was such a huge success that Dodge 1971 own version of the car, the Demon wanted and also got to Plymouth. In turn, Plymouth was given a version of the two-door hardtop coupe Dodge Dart Swinger, which was called Plymouth Scamp.

In 1971, there were only small changes in the Duster. The " Valiant " lettering and the " Plymouth " emblem on the grille disappeared. A new equipment package called Duster Twister was presented. The Duster Twister showed the aggressive appearance of the Duster 340, but had only insurance -friendly six-cylinder engines or a maximum of the small V8 with 5.2 liters displacement. The equipment package also included special side stripes that nachempfanden the strips of the Duster 340, a matte black bonnet and the particularly " toothed " grille of the Duster 340 In addition there was to request two non-functional scoops on the bonnet and a rear spoiler, and bucket seats and dual exhaust pipes.


Also in 1972 the Duster was not significantly altered. New, more bulky side lights replaced the previous recessed into the body, the taillights have been slightly modified and the engine designs, adapted to the stricter emission regulations.


As the Valiant was also the 1973 Duster a new bonnet, a new front grille and new taillights. The previous models had dual taillights on each side; new only had a rear light unit for each side. In the midst of the first oil crisis in 1974 was the best year of the Duster with over 277,000 units.

1974 Plymouth replaced the 340s - 360s by a machine ( 5.9 liters ), which developed a lower power, however, due to stricter emission regulations.

1976 was the Feather Duster a design success; he had many lightweight components, such as the manifold, the bumper bracket, trim on the hood and trunk lid, as well as the housing of the manual transmission. He had the size 225 - line six-cylinder (3.7 liter) engine, which was trimmed to economy, an exhaust system with a particularly low backpressure, a long rear axle and gave it to either a three-stage Torqueflite automatic transmission or a manual four-speed transmission with overdrive (type A833OD ). The car had (along with the identical Dodge Dart Lite) by far the lowest fuel consumption in its class. There was also a version called Space Duster, the folding rear seats and had a large boot with 1350 liters. This year was the Duster 360 one of the few vehicles on the market with a high ratio of engine size and vehicle weight. 1976 was also the special edition Duster "Spirit of 76 " was introduced as a counterpart to Dodge Dart Hang Ten, with features such as red-white- blue seats.

First, the name appeared Duster back for a equipment package for the Plymouth Volare coupe 1979er/1980er on, then later on front-wheel drive Plymouth Turismo model years 1985 to 1987 and finally at Plymouth Sundance - coupe and hatchback coupe the period 1992-1994 with Mitsubishi V6 engine.


  • Chrysler used the old Plymouth Duster in the 2000 advertising campaign for the Hemi engine, where some types ( one of them played by Jon Reep, ), a guy in a Dodge Ram with the words " Yeah, it's got a hemi! " Dress. The type - if not the car - appeared in 2006 and again in the commercials of Dr. Z.
  • The on the sitcom Married with Children, known as "Dodge " Family Car is actually a Plymouth Duster.
  • Fred O'Bannion ( Ben Affleck ) is driving a 1973 or 1974 Duster in the film Confusion - Summer of Freaked.
  • Todd Ianuzzi drives a 1973 Duster in Beavis and Butt-Head
  • The band The Cars uses a Duster 340 for the cover of their album Heartbeat City.
  • Chase has Forbes and drives a 1973 Duster.
  • Homer Simpson ( The Simpsons ) drives a duster, which can be seen from the rear lights in an episode.
  • In the film, Edward Scissorhands, a yellow 73/74er Duster is run several times.
  • In the series Two and a Half Men ( S3E18 ) it is mentioned that Alan's girlfriend Kandi rides a Duster.
  • In the series, Alf drives Trevor Ochmonek, neighbor of the Tanner family, a Duster.
  • In Stephen King's novel Christine travels Arnie's friend Dennis the 1976 Plymouth Duster one.