Plymouth Sundance

The Plymouth Sundance was one of 1986 produced by the U.S. automakers Plymouth until 1994 front-drive sedan in the lower middle class.

The Sundance was based on the P platform of the Chrysler Group ( a shortened version of the K platform) and was sister model of the Dodge Shadow, which he only differed by minimal details; but was the Sundance, in contrast to the Shadow, not as a convertible available.

Model history

In the early summer of 1986 Plymouth Sundance as presented the new compact model of the lower middle class with four doors and tailgate; a three-door followed in the course of the year. The offer was initially only a single trim level, powered by a 2.2 -liter four- cylinder with or without turbochargers, each with a five-speed manual or three-speed automatic available. A sporty RS package was oriented for the three- door model for an extra charge and included, among others, alloy wheels and wide tires.

1988 contained the RS package additionally rear spoiler, front bumper with integrated fog lights and trim.

Of 1989 all Sundance a new grille, revised tail lights and flush with the body headlights. The previous turbo engine was replaced by a 2.5 -liter turbo with 145 hp, in addition to the program was a 2.5- liter four-cylinder with 101 hp. The chassis of the RS turbo engine was designed with a slightly firmer.

In 1990, the equipment was supplemented by a driver's airbag.

As of 1991, the Sundance program is fanned into the stripped-down basic model Sundance America, the regular and the Sundance transported to their own model variant Sundance RS.

From model year 1992, the RS was replaced by a version that the Plymouth Duster wore traditional name and available with three and five doors was. Standard in the Sundance Duster was a three-liter V6 and five-speed gearbox.

1993 Shadow America accounted for as well as the turbo engine. A new touch was ABS.

With the appearance of the Plymouth Neon in the spring of 1994, the production of the Sundance was discontinued.

From Sundance Plymouth produced a total of nearly 490,000 copies.


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