The Chrysler Group LLC is an American automobile manufacturer, which the Fiat -Chrysler Group Automobiles heard.

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After Walter P. Chrysler in 1919 resigned as vice chairman of General Motors, he accepted an offer from Willys -Overland and was executive vice president of the company. Under his leadership, the previously heavily loss-making company returned to profitability. 1921 moved to the Walter P. Chrysler traditional Maxwell Motor Company, which was in economic difficulties following the merger with Chalmers. 1923 production of the Chalmers models was adjusted. 1924, the first Chrysler Six was presented.

1925 Chrysler Motor Corporation was founded and incorporated Maxwell. In 1928, the new company took over the Dodge Brothers Inc ( a company that was more than four times as large as Chrysler itself) and thus became the third largest automobile manufacturers in the United States. Group brands were already at this point: Chrysler, Dodge, Imperial, DeSoto and Plymouth.

In 1979, the company was facing bankruptcy. On September 7, it requested $ 1.5 billion in guarantees from the U.S. federal government in order to avert the bankruptcy case can. At the same time Lee Iacocca, who the board of directors of Ford Motor Company previously belonged, used as the CEO of Chrysler. This proved to be a capable public spokesman for the company and personally appeared in television commercials, in which he advised the audience: " If you find a better car, buy it! " He became a symbol of Japan - bashing and pride in U.S. American products. His book Talking Straight was a replica of the book Made in Japan by Akio Morita.

Reluctantly, the U.S. Congress passed on 20 December 1979 a law " Chrysler Corporation Loan Guarantee Act of 1979 " (Public Law 96-185 ), which was signed on January 7, 1980 by U.S. President Jimmy Carter. Employees and dealers of Chrysler had previously done in every single congressional district lobbying because they were afraid to lose their existence.

With the platform strategy of the Chrysler K -cars in the early 1980s, the success came back. Starting in 1982, Chrysler made ​​another profit. 1984 founded the Chrysler Voyager same time as the Renault Espace minivan market segment. In 1987, Chrysler, American Motors Corporation, which also the Jeep brand passed into the ownership of Chrysler. At the end of 1992 retired from Iacocca and Robert Eaton became his successor.

Merger with Daimler -Benz

In November 1995 it was announced that Daimler- Benz 's focus on cooperation with Chrysler. Chrysler had then generates more than 7 billion U.S. dollar reserves. On 18 September 1998, the shareholders of both companies approved the merger of Daimler Chrysler AG. The shareholders of the 121,000 -strong Chrysler Inc. were involved in 42% of her.

In its first full fiscal year Chrysler contributed over 5 billion U.S. dollars at around half to net income. At the beginning of the following year Eaton left early as the last American to win the Executive of the Group, which had been touted as a merger of equals ( " merger of equals "). In autumn, said CEO Jürgen Schrempp, this formulation was merely advanced, which led to a lawsuit. The gain at Chrysler was now broken, and Dieter Zetsche sparked James Holden as chief from. The years 2000, 2001 and 2003 Chrysler closed with a loss, the years 2002, 2004 and 2005 at a profit. When was the 2006 re- signed with loss, presented Zetsche, who was now CEO, Chrysler on 14 February 2007 for discussion.

On 14 May 2007, the partial sale of Chrysler to the financial investor Cerberus Capital Management was announced. On 3 August 2007, he was finished. For DaimlerChrysler, Chrysler LLC and Daimler AG emerged. Robert Nardelli was appointed CEO of Chrysler. The Daimler AG retained a 19.9 percent minority stake in Chrysler.

Insolvency and subsequent entry of Fiat

Due to the financial crisis of 2007, sales of Chrysler collapsed in 2008 by 30% over the previous year, as strong as in any other automotive manufacturer in the United States. November 18, 2008 Chrysler asked for government money in order not to become insolvent. The main owner Cerberus demanded by Daimler subsequently a fee for the takeover of Chrysler. On 19 December 2008, outgoing U.S. President Bush granted 4 billion U.S. dollars with the rest, draw up a recovery plan by the end of March 2009. In January 2009, Chrysler and Fiat signed a letter of intent, going into an alliance. Chrysler claimed more loans, but the new U.S. government made ​​them dependent on a debt restructuring and a reduction in wages to the level of other automakers. The United Auto Workers agreed to this, and Daimler difference against the waiver of loan repayments finally on 27 April from the homeowners association from. Negotiations with banks and hedge funds, which Chrysler owed ​​a total of about 6.9 billion U.S. dollars, failed on April 29, but final. On 30 April 2009, U.S. President Obama announced that Chrysler will seek Chapter 11 protection from its creditors, what happened immediately afterwards.

Chrysler introduced immediately in all 23 works, the production one. The pension fund of the workforce should be against the waiver of 57 % of its claims the new majority owner and get Fiat to technology transfer 20%. 20 creditors, however, attracted to justice. Only after a Supreme Court decision, the contract was signed on 10 June 2009, the Chrysler Group LLC made ​​from the Chrysler LLC, Fiat gave the proportion of 20 % interest in it and the head of Fiat also made to the Chrysler. On 29 June, production was restarted.

The Chairman & CEO Sergio Marchionne presented on 4 November 2009 before his plans for the next five years to let Chrysler only seven instead of eleven platforms produce. The compact class should be developed with the Fiat 500 and a further platform of Fiat.

In autumn 2010, Fiat decided to merge the Chrysler and Lancia. The two brands are working together now and then to develop a common portfolio. The distribution of common vehicle range was divided geographically: Chrysler takes over sales in English speaking countries (including the UK and Ireland) and also in Russia, the distribution in the other countries (mainly Europe) is taken over by Lancia. In June 2011 the sales of the Lancia brand from joint distribution has been solved with Fiat, a part of the dealer was acquired and merged with the existing Chrysler dealers. Part of the new model range in Europe is originally from the USA, the sales of these models will in future also be carried under the brand Lancia.

In February 2012, the Chrysler Group sold in its home market of USA 133 521 vehicles (40% more than in February 2011). U.S. sales chief Reid Bigland justified this increase with the introduction of fuel -efficient vehicles.

In January 2014, the Fiat Group announced that they have bought out the remaining shares of Chrysler Group LLC VEBA Trust. The Chrysler Group LLC and all its brands are now 100 percent owned by the Fiat Group.

Trademarks of Chrysler LLC

Current vehicle brands

  • Chrysler
  • Dodge
  • Jeep
  • SRT

Unused trademarks of Chrysler LLC

The Chrysler LLC owns additional brands that are no longer produced and distributed, including:

  • DeSoto (up to 1961)
  • Fargo ( to 1972 )
  • Imperial ( to 1983 )
  • AMC ( to 1987 )
  • Eagle (until 1998)
  • Plymouth (until 2001 )
  • Trazo (2008 and 2009)


The trademarks of Chrysler

  • Automotive brand of an independent company engaged before takeover by Chrysler, possibly previously in other areas
  • Together went automotive brand of a company that is majority-owned Chrysler, or to a group, which was acquired by Chrysler or the Chrysler
  • Car brand Chrysler or Daimler Chrysler
  • Sold car brand, or no longer belonging to Chrysler after separation

The individual models of the five main brands 1980/1990

  • Based on a Mitsubishi
  • Based on the model developed by Chrysler Europe Talbot / Simca Horizon
  • Rebadged Mitsubishi
  • Rebadged Mercedes -Benz
  • Based on the model developed by Chrysler Europe Talbot / Simca Horizon
  • Rebadged Mitsubishi
  • Based on a model of the Rootes Group
  • From a discontinued model AMC
  • From a discontinued model on AMC Renault - based
  • On the basis of models of Mitsubishi
  • The only model of the Chrysler Group platform

Models of the Chrysler brand

The brand and model history is documented in the Walter P. Chrysler Museum.

Models by Year


  • Based on a Mitsubishi