Carroll Shelby International

The Carroll Shelby International is an American automobile manufacturer that was founded in 2003 from the supercar manufacturer Shelby American, as its founder and owner, Carroll Shelby brought the company to the stock exchange and also the dependance Shelby Automobiles founded for the production of car parts. 2009 Shelby Automobiles was officially renamed back to Shelby American, so that they could celebrate under the original company name of the 45th birthday of the AC Cobra and Shelby GT350 of. Carroll Shelby Licensing, Inc. is the second 100 % owned subsidiary, which is one of Carroll Shelby International and the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Clark County ( Nevada) is located.

Shelby American is currently manufactures clothing automobiles, such as the Cobra small block, the Cobra Big Block and the Shelby Series I. In August 2006, the Shelby Series II should come out, but to date there is no information about this car.

Carroll Shelby International previously worked with Unique Performance in Texas together to bring out 500 E Mustang -based Shelby cars such as the GT 350 SR and GT. On 1 November 2007, a police raid due to overlap in the chassis numbers was carried out at Unique Performance. As a result, the company was forced to declare bankruptcy, so the further production of the Shelby has been set.


Shelby American was founded in 1962 by Carroll Shelby and Performance Parts built and tuned cars for private customers. Some of the cars were manufactured by Shelby American Shelby GT 350 based on the Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 and the Shelby American also designed the legendary Shelby Cobra, an AC Ace with Ford V8 engine.

The company was also involved heavily in racing; Shelby cars won many races on the dragster race track and the 24- hour race at Le Mans, as well as the first time for a U.S. auto 1966 World Sportscar Championship. 1966, the same year in which Shelby American supported when winning the World Sports Car Championship, helped them Shelby American and profit of the 24- hour race at Le Mans.

1995 moved to Shelby American to Nevada, where he became the first automaker to the state. The model lineup consisted of:

  • 427 S / C Cobras
  • CSX1000 - series frame from the United Kingdom and aluminum bodies ( of modern production )
  • CSX 4000 series, various manufacturers, with fiberglass and aluminum bodies
  • CSX 6000 series continuation of the series CSX -4000
  • CSX 7000 series FIA Cobra Roadster with 289
  • CSX 8000 series road race car with 289
  • CSX 9000 series Cobra " Daytona " Coupe, introduced in 2009.

2003, the corporate name of Shelby American in Carroll Shelby International, Inc. was changed and the company was floated on the stock exchange. Shelby Automobiles was founded as a branch of the new company.

On 15 December 2009, Carroll Shelby International announced that Shelby Automobiles to 45 - year celebration of the 427 Cobra and the Shelby GT 350 should be renamed back to Shelby American.

Shelby Museum

The Shelby Museum is also located on the company's premises. It can be viewed Mon-Fri at 10.30 clock free along with the manufacturing facilities.

The switch exhibits and include some of the most famous cars ever to be produced from the first Cobra CSX -2000 up to prototypes of the Series 1 and some of the latest creations.


Total number of small-block 655 Cobra

  • (COB - Cobras for Great Britain)
  • (COX - Cobras for export to other countries ( except UK ) )

Total number of Cobra 1003

Shelby Mustang 1965-1970


  • GT 350 515
  • GT 350 R 36
  • GT 350 Drag Cars 9
  • GT Street 350 Prototype 1
  • Competition Prototype GT 350 1

Total number of 1965 Shelby Mustang: 562


  • GT 350 1370
  • GT 350H 1000
  • GT 350 Cabriolet 6
  • GT 350 Drag Cars 4

Total 1966 Shelby Mustang: 2380


  • GT 350 1175
  • GT 500 2048
  • GT 500 notchback prototype 1
  • GT 500 Cabriolet Prototype 1

Total 1967 Shelby Mustang: 3225


  • GT 350 1253
  • 350 GT Cabriolet 404
  • GT 500 1140
  • 500 GT Cabriolet 402
  • GT 500kr 933
  • GT Cabriolet 318 500kr
  • GT 500 notchback prototype 1

Total number of 1968 Shelby Mustang: 4,451

1969 & 1970

  • GT 350 935
  • 350 GT Cabriolet 194
  • GT 500 1536
  • 500 GT Cabriolet 335
  • GT 350 Hertz Cars 15
  • Prototype test vehicles 3
  • Cars entered in the 1970 production of approximately 789

Total number 1969-1970 Shelby Mustang: 3294

Total figures for Shelby Automobiles

Shelby Mustang 13,912

Cobras 1003

A total of 14 915


Victories in the World Sportscar Championship