Bradley Automotive

Bradley Automotive was an American manufacturer of Kit -Cars, a subsidiary of Thor Corporation in Edina (Minnesota) and active from 1971 to 1981. Bradley models based on the VW Beetle chassis.

Over time, there were three models, GT, Scorpion and GT II As with other kit-car manufacturers, the cars could be purchased in various stages of completion. Later, Bradley became a manufacturer of electric vehicles and offered electric-powered versions of the GT II. Financial problems and doubts about the quality of the kits led in 1981 to the collapse of the company.

The bodies of Bradley Kit Cars were all made ​​of fiberglass and were two-seat coupe with gull-wing doors. The first model, the GT, was sold several thousand times and remained virtually unchanged from 1977 II end of the 1960s until the introduction of the GT. The GT II was a complex kit with higher production quality, its owners today but from the poor supply of GT- II - specific parts, such as the windshield, upholstery and various fiberglass parts suffer. The first GT had significantly more parts of large-scale vehicles, so that the supply of parts to this day is very good.

Bradley created in addition also other products here, such as a wheel trailer and a small fiberglass sport boat.

According to the website and the statements of some GT II owners built the Bradley GT from 1971 to 1981, even though many parts of the vehicles at Volkswagen, Corvairs and similar vehicles of the 1960s decline.