Ram Trucks

Ram Trucks or short ram is a brand launched in 2009 by the American car manufacturer Chrysler. It arose from the model name of the Dodge Ram, a utility vehicle model from Dodge.

With the realignment of the brand after the cooperation between Chrysler and Fiat Henceforth shall be a pure car brand and Dodge. Accordingly, Ram Trucks to focus on the needs of "real truck customers," rather than the set of customers, a Dodge Ram as a status symbol. It also experiences can be useful, which so far has made ​​Fiat with its own truck production under the brand Iveco and also split Fiat Professional.

These measures are expected to improve the results in the design, equipment and finally the distribution.

" Ram trucks will always and forever be Dodges. Ram will always have the Dodge emblem inside and outside [ ... ]. We need to continue to market as Ram so Dodge can have a different brand identity: hip, cool, young, energetic. That will not fit the campaign for truck buyers. . The two shouldhave distinct themes " ( Fred Diaz, German: " Ram trucks will be Dodges at any time and forever Ram will always carry the Dodge emblem inside and outside [ ... ] We need to market as Ram so. . Dodge can get a new brand identity: hip, cool, young and full of energy that would not fit for truck customers, the two brands require different tonalities ").. .


Classically, the Ram itself belongs naturally to this brand. He is supposed to represent the brand's flagship in the future. However, in the future more commercial vehicle variants of the Ram will be offered. For example, new models with much higher axle loads are available on the official website now. Therefore, the Ram 3500 is replaced as the previously loaded prominent representative from the Ram 5500. This variant is a so-called "semi- truck " is, in other words, that the vehicle is only from the chassis without the loading area behind the cabin. This free space can be equipped with different structures ( eg, dump body or fifth wheel). The size classifications of the cabin in " Regular Cab " ( two seater / two-door ) and " Crew Cab" ( Vier-/Fünfsitzer/Viertürer ) remains still exist. The trim levels range, depending on model, from basic ( ST) to luxury hotels ( Laramie ).

In addition to the flagship there was the former Dodge Dakota for one year as a Ram Dakota in the program. The production, however, was set in 2011.

The second model is a multi-purpose vehicle is available since 2011 instead. The Ram C / V is the commercial vehicle version of the Dodge Grand Caravan and therefore only available as a panel van.

The third model in 2013, the Ram ProMaster was introduced adapted to the needs of the American version of the Fiat Ducato. Chrysler decreed after the separation of Daimler -Benz and the subsequent task of the Dodge Sprinter ( a derivative of the Mercedes -Benz Sprinter ) does not have a pickup truck more. In deference to the wishes of Americans ProMaster is equipped with the V6 " Pentastar " engine from Chrysler.