Woodill Wildfire

The Woodill Motor Company, Inc. was an American automobile dealer and manufacturer, which was established in Downey ( California). Founder and owner was Blanchard Robert " Woody" Woodill. Were initially sold cars from Dodge and Willys.

The produced 1952-1958 model Wildfire is a two-seat roadster. It has a fiberglass body of Glasspar, so it is considered the first complete GRP Automotive, prior to the Chevrolet Corvette or the Kaiser Darrin. The wheelbase was 2565 mm, the total length of 4115 mm. The car was powered by a side-valve six-cylinder in-line engine of Willys with 2638 cc displacement, the (66 kW) gave 90 bhp at 4200 min -1. The top speed was 193 km / h

Were built about 300 copies, of which only 15 as finished vehicles and 285 as a kit .. There was also a children's car called Brushfire.