Auburn Automobile

Auburn Automobile Company was an American automobile manufacturer who was active from 1900 to 1937.


The Auburn Automobile Company went out of the coach building by Frank and Morris Eckhart, sons of a German immigrant, out. Eckhart Carriage Company was founded by Charles Eckhart (1841-1915) founded in 1875 in Auburn, Indiana. Eckhart's sons, Frank and Morris, began in 1903 with door and roofless single-cylinder runabouts, then bought two other local carmakers and moved in 1909 to a larger factory. The company has had some success, until by material shortages, the factory had to be closed during the First World War.

The company was sold in 1919 to an investment group from Chicago. 1924 Errett Lobban Cord took over the company. He adjusted the type of program and the confusing supplier structure. In his efforts towards the over the hood curved Sick line has been introduced.

From 1927/28, eight-cylinder in (eg the types 8-90 and 8-125, the rear number meant the SAE hp ) consisting of also belonging to the Cord Group company were four to five liters of displacement Lycoming ancestral offered. The models were equipped with hydraulic brake and central lubrication. The flagship was the version with Speedster body, a narrow pointed tail design with tilted and angled in the middle of the windshield. These models reached top speeds 130-145 km / h The sedans reached about 110 km / h Later, a twelve-cylinder engine to do so and compressor models came. Further developments to the chassis were made ​​but.

Errett Lobban Cord in 1929 founded the Cord Corporation as a holding company under which his company Auburn, Duesenberg, Lycoming, and the new car brand Cord were summarized. The models of the new brand were produced at Auburn.

From 1932 there was a two-stage Hinterachsuntersetzung. During the economic crisis from 1931 to 1933, production fell by 34,000 to just 5000 Auburn .. Nevertheless 1932-34 was the lowest priced V12 model on the market (6.4 L, 160 hp ), followed by an eight-cylinder compressor. This engine was installed in the new Speedster, from the 1935 to 1936 another 500 units were built.

1936 ran the cord Finance definitively out of hand.


In Auburn and a memorial furnished in the former sales and administration building of the company museum with many exhibits at the operative based in Indianapolis Group brands Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg and the designer Gordon Buehrig. On Labor Day weekend for more than 50 years there is the meeting of the Auburn- Cord - Duesenberg Club, meet regularly around 300 of these cars and their owners at the.