The Rhein- Express is a regional train RE 5 is a product of rail transport. He runs daily 5-21 clock hourly from Emmerich Wesel, Oberhausen, Duisburg, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Bonn, Remagen and Andernach to Koblenz, in the states of North Rhine -Westphalia and Rhineland- Palatinate. He is the fourth most commonly used regional express line in the VRR with about 48,000 passengers a day.


The Rhein- Express was the introduction of the basic interval timetable ( NRW clock ) formed in 1998 by combining two previously ending in Cologne train routings. First, the RE 5 held at all intermediate stations, which corresponded to more of a regional train.

With the introduction of the ITF 2 in December 2002, the train due to the elimination of several intermediate stops and all overhauls by the long-distance transport, as well as the increase in scheduled top speed to 160 km / h was significantly accelerated; alone between Cologne and Koblenz, the journey time is shortened by about 30 minutes. By accelerating and the simultaneous clock thinning between Emmerich and Wesel, the vehicle required has been reduced from nine to seven rounds.

Since the timetable change 2007, the Rhein- Express runs between Emmerich and Wesel back every hour to 35 intercept the clock thinning of the RB " The Wesel " Emmerich - Wesel -Duisburg as a result of the reduction of regional funding. In order to meet the required turnaround time in Emmerich, some weak support had to be used every two hours removed against the direction of the load, respectively.

The Rhein- Express is operated since 1998 by DB Regio NRW, Cologne - Deutz field. The next call for this line will start in 2016.

Train route

In the curve of the Rhein- Express uses four different rail lines with eight different route numbers:

  • The railway line Oberhausen- Arnhem between Emmerich and Oberhausen (together with all trains of regional and long-haul )
  • The railway line Duisburg -Dortmund between Oberhausen and Duisburg (total transport without intermediate stops ),
  • The railway line between Cologne and Duisburg continuous ( long-distance tracks, see note below )
  • The left Rhine route between Cologne and Koblenz ( together with all the features of regional and long-haul ).

On the four-to six-track section between Duisburg and Dusseldorf Rhein- Express used throughout the long distance tracks, as well as the NRW - Express RE 1 and in the rush hour, the RB 35 In contrast, the Rhein- Haard - Express RE 2 ply, the Rhine - Emscher- Express RE 3 and the Westfalen- Express RE 6 in parts the tracks of the train or to the extent available, the so-called local tracks.


Depending on the occupied portion of the line may be different tariffs are applied, the spatial overlap to some extent. If the portion within a transport system, applies on the section Emmerich - Dusseldorf -Benrath the VRR tariff, on the section Leverkusen Mitte - Upper Winter VRS tariff and on the portion of Upper Winter - Koblenz VRM tariff.

For composite -border travel between Emmerich and Bonn-Bad Godesberg, the NRW - tariff applies. For composite journeys across the border of North Rhine -Westphalia - Rhineland -Palatinate, the tariff of the Deutsche Bahn applies.

Vehicle use

Originally, the Rhein- Express was driven 110 and six modernized n- wagon without control car with locomotives of the series. During the year 2002 146 and five double-deck cars was converted to pull trains from newly delivered locomotives of the series. Due to a flood damage due to the Elbe flood the manufacturer of the seats delayed the delivery of the bi-level cars, so even until the summer of 2003, two sets were used on n- cars.

Between August and November of 2011, capacity was increased by another car, which is now a car completely runs the first - class cars. This first - class car is usually coupled directly to the engine, whereas the multi-purpose compartment in the cab control car is found at the end of the train the other.

Purpose associations

At the order of the Rhein- Express train four special purpose associations, transport - purpose Verband Niederrhein, the Transport Federation Rhein- Ruhr, the Transport Federation Rhein-Sieg in North Rhine- Westphalia as well as on the Association rail transport Rhineland -Palatinate North are involved ( SPNV North ).


The RE 5 was announced on January 31, 2014 for the period from December 2016 to December 2033. Here, the route of the train in the section entitled Wesel - be shortened Koblenz.