Ross Hutchins

Ross Dan Hutchins (born 22 February 1985 in Wimbledon ) is a British tennis player from England.

Life and career

Russ Hutchins is the former British Davis Cup player and captain Paul Hutchins son. After Ross 2001, the British Championships won with partner James Smith in doubles, in 2002 he was pro.

Hutchins rarely played in his time as a professional in individual and focused on the double. He also drew attention to himself and, in 2007 to end the year in the top 100 of the double ranking. The following year he won with Stephen Huss against the set at position four Mahesh Bhupathi and Mark Knowles in the first round at the French Open. Together, the two won at the end of the ATP tournament in Beijing. These successes bestowed Hutchins conscription into the British Davis Cup team where he could win a game so far. At the 2010 Commonwealth Games, he won in a double on the side of Ken Skupski the silver medal.

End of 2012, a Hodgkin 's lymphoma was diagnosed with Ross Hutchins. Because of this, he denied as of that date no longer a game.