SC Neuenheim

The Sports Club New Home 1902 ( SCN) is a rugby club based in the Heidelberg district of New Home. According to the club's SC New Home is regarded as the strongest member of Rugby club in Germany. In addition, the club can with several German championships, also decorate more recent.

Club history

The Sports Club New Home was founded in 1902. By Edward Hill Ullrich the sport was first known in Heidelberg. In 1860 he began his students at Heidelberg College with the sport to familiarize yourself. In his hangout " Gambrinus " the teacher and later head of the German Rugby Football Association ( DRFV ) was occasionally encountered. He contributed to his knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport some young gentlemen. Eleven Neuenheimer then taken the initiative to collect 12 marks for a first rugby leather egg and formed the SCN, which was at that time established as a football club Neuenheim.

Due to the steadily growing popularity of the club members were found more quickly, which enabled the club to set up a full team. The provisional training field of the Neckar foreland was exchanged for a more professional, which was made ​​available to the ever-growing club available. The first general meeting was held on January 1, 1903. From it went Hans Helmstädter, the first and Jacob Ehbrecht emerged as the second Chairman. Konrad Voth stopped the post of secretary, Karl Lenz was given the post of computer and kit man was Fritz Knapp. They agreed to a monthly fee of 40 pence and the existing to this day club colors.

In the course of the next General Assembly further significant steps for the continuation and expansion of the association were adopted. The agenda included topics such as sports clothing, song books, excursions or Christmas parties. The first Named FCN team entered with eight strikers, two half players, four three districts and the goalkeeper. As an outstanding player Ludwig driver came up. Due to the local audience interest in 1905 was hired somebody, who took care of the ticket sales. Within a span of three years, the newly founded association was established in the city and was the Heidelbergers become a household name.

In 1923, the club name was changed to Sport Club New Home, since the name of the Club for the purpose of the association was no longer meeting. The name of the district Neuenheim was highlighted because in the already former rugby stronghold of Heidelberg, on the ground New home of our rugby was his main care facility, and also our club since its founding sons of long-established citizens New home belonged as Baumgartner, Bender, Ehhalt, Frauenfeld, healer, Heuser, hot, Karch, cook, Konold, carbon Weiler, Langer, Lenz, drivers, survival, Bird, Voth, Weber, and others.

The leadership of the club designed by three different instances; the Board, the Board of Directors and the Advisory Board. The overall office holds the first chairman, currently Claus -Peter Bach. Furthermore, there are four second chairman, divide the areas of sport, management, technology and events among themselves. To assist the chairman of the Board of Directors, which executes directly by the individual officer serves the intended targets. The Advisory Board of the SCN is subordinate to the third instance and the other two. All the activities listed here are performed by volunteer work of individual members.

Members and Active

Among the 122 clubs of the German Rugby Federation of SCN is one of the strongest member associations, with currently 576 members, of which 447 male and 129 female club members. A significant number of members it with information about the children and adolescents under 18 years back (as of 2013).

Through a wide range of offerings of all ages offers the SC New Home rugby enthusiasts the opportunity to practice this sport. Already in early childhood, the youth will be encouraged and guided to the sport. The whole is then seamlessly integrated into the youth respectively. Junior teams over. In addition to the men's teams are made as women's teams and also for the " oldies " as they are called within the association, it is possible to train further and the sport to remain faithful to old age.

Collaborations, partnerships and sponsors

Furthermore, there are numerous collaborations and partnerships with schools and other educational institutions. As such, they are recognized by Baden Sports Association and, accordingly, funded with state funds. This is, for example, conventional sports AG 's in high schools or secondary schools, or even to social projects that promote the integration of foreign or learning disabled young people.

The club lives on the one hand by the financial support of long-time partner, the example ads, from locally -based sports stores that donate jerseys or balls and the club's " Friends of Rugby in Neuneheim eV", which was founded on October 15, 2001. At present, therefore, the income from borrowed funds higher than the revenue from own resources. In addition, the association of grants from the public sector is supported by the Baden Sports Federation and the sport circle of Heidelberg.


Every six months the club magazine "drop ", even for pre-and even appears to second round. In addition, the Association's internal camera crew is in both the home and in the return games on site to in compressed form, prepare important information to follow up and then zoom to gather all interested parties of the association. There are often issue-specific flyers or posters on current events.

Information about the Bundesliga team are currently to be found for each season on the website of the SCN. For the next EM preparation phase of the ladies in Spain currently four women of the association were included in the 13 - man squad (as of 2013/14 )


In addition, the SC New Home 1996 German Siebenerrugby - champion. The U19 team in 1969, 1970, 1979 and 1987 German Masters. The U17 team celebrated this success 1985 The U13 -. , 2007 in Frankfurt / M. and the U11 - 2005 in Hamburg repeated this success after 18 years of drought.