Schlatt bei Diessenhofen

Schlattmann (until 1999 officially called Schlattmann at Diessenhofen ) is a municipality in the district of Frauenfeld in the canton of Thurgau in Switzerland.


The municipality is situated on the eastern slopes of the carbon ridge. It is the westernmost municipality in the canton of Thurgau and is adjacent to the territory of the Canton of Zurich. The local church Mett - Oberschlatt forms a spatial and cultural-historical unity with the local church Unterschlatt. It was restored in 1999 by the merger of two local churches after the old Schlattmann the beginning of the 19th century had been divided. The former municipality Unterschlatt includes beside the village Unterschlatt the Dickihof districts in the southeast, the former monastery paradise and the resultant in the 19th and 20th century industrial settlement Neu - paradise.


In the Second Coalition War from 1799 Schlattmann was some time in the combat zone of Russians and French. The Austrians succeeded in flocks, in the vicinity of the monastery, the crossing of the Rhine to the south, what today is a memorial plaque.