Sobrio is a municipality in the district of Giornico in the district of Leventina in the canton of Ticino in Switzerland.


The small mountain community Sobrio lies on a terrace on the flank of the Valle Leventina, and consists of the two districts Villa and Ronzano. Between the two villages is the parish church of S. Lorenzo.

Sobrio Located on the Strada Alta. Together with Anzonico, Calonico and Cavagnago Sobrio forms the so-called Traversa.


In the spring of 2004, the population of Sobrio have in a referendum rejected the merger of their community with the district capital Faido. The new church had to be built from the merger of the municipalities Anzonico, Calonico, Calpiogna, Campello, Cavagnago, Chiggiogna, Faido, Mairengo, Osco, Rossura and Sobrio. The project was approved only by the municipalities Faido, Chiggiogna, Rossura and Cavagnago. A portion of the inhabitants of S. 'd rather merge with the communities from the lower Leventina valley, namely Giornico, Bodio, Pollegio and Personico. However, the Fusionsvohaben is not clear. Because of the higher specified location Sobrio is only accessible by Lavorgo ago and has no direct transport link with the communities of the lower Leventina Valley.


  • Parish Church of San Lorenzo ( 1369 ).
  • Oratory of San Rocco, built in the 18th century with paintings of the painter Tommaso Calgari Osco
  • Oratory of the Most Holy Crucifix in the district " Ronzano » (18th century)
  • Freskol'Annunciazione ( 16th century ) in an oratory.
  • La Canonica ( presbytery ) ( 1688).
  • Cemetery.