Telenor is a Norwegian telephone company. Telenor is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange in the OBX index.

The company was founded in 1855 as Telegrafverket, changed the name in 1969 " Televerket " and Telenor in 1994, when it was restructured into a state aksjeselskap (AS). Telenor had until 1998 the monopoly of communication services to residential customers in Norway. Since December 2000, Telenor is listed. Since 2002, the company is located in Fornebu.

Telenor currently employs 33,000 worldwide employees, of which only about 4,500 in Norway. The market value was in 2013 about 219 billion kroner ( ~ 26 billion euros ).


The first services for mobile telephony were offered in Norway in 1966. The NMT system was introduced in 1981, 1993, the digital GSM system. Since 2004, UMTS is available for commercial use.

Meanwhile, Telenor is represented in numerous other countries.

Under the name of Maritime Communications Partner GSM services are offered on ships.

On 31 October 2005, Telenor acquired Vodafone Sverige AB, the Swedish subsidiary of the Vodafone Group. Then the network was renamed in Telenor on 20 April 2006.

Telenor is with 150 million customers one of the largest mobile operators worldwide.

International investments

  • <50 % share
  • > 50 % share
  • 100 % share

Telenor has established numerous international affiliates in Europe and Asia.

Overview of the international mobile operations of Telenor:

  • Norway: Telenor
  • Sweden: Telenor
  • Denmark: Telenor Danmark until the summer of 2009 under the brand names Sonofon ( mobile) and Cybercity (Internet access ) are known. Also: Tele2 Danmark, CBB ( mobile)
  • Hungary: Telenor (formerly Pannon )
  • Ukraine: Kyivstar
  • Montenegro: Promonte
  • Russia: VimpelCom ( minority stake )
  • Serbia: Telenor
  • Malaysia: Digi
  • Thailand: DTAC
  • Bangladesh: GrameenPhone
  • Pakistan: Telenor


The minority interest in the Austrian mobile operator one was sold on 20 June 2007 at Orange and the British investor Mid Europa.


Telenor launches as one of the first companies to IP telephony, which is a separate number series offered by the subsidiary Telenor Nextel in 1998. This service was called interphone and was led by the Norwegian pioneer Ivar Plahte.

Reported in 1999 that Telenor lack of interest for the IP telephony. In addition, since the prices for fixed telephony had fallen rapidly, the Interphone service was temporarily halted in 2002, but not abandoned. Since 2005 exists with Telio a great competitor in this area who could conquer already significant portions of the market.


In Norway, Telenor gets an LTE license for the 2.6 GHz band in 2007. In other countries, such as Sweden (2010) and Pakistan (2013 ) is taken the LTE network of Telenor in operation. In Denmark, the LTE licenses to be purchased in 2012.


From a Telenor project of Opera web browser was born.