Temperino was an Italian manufacturer of cars.

Company History

The company SA Temperino of Turin was founded in 1906. 1908 began production of motorcycles and automobiles. 1919 the company was renamed Società Anonima in Vetturette Temperino. 1925 production ended.

Rolling stock

Initially, a small two- seater was equipped with a two-cylinder engine with 350 cm ³ capacity made ​​. It later became the model 8/10 HP with an air-cooled V-2 engine with 800 cc displacement, from the 1924 to 1500 copies were produced. 1919 appeared an additional model, which was fitted in the base version with a V-2 engine with 1010 cc and 20 hp and in the sports version with a two-cylinder engine with 1021 cc and 25 hp. In 1922 the last model GSM 7-14 HP on the market.

A car of this brand is on display at the Museo Carlo dell'Automobile Biscaretti di Ruffia in Turin.