Teo Fabi

Theodoric " Teo " Fabi ( born March 9, 1955 in Milan ) is an Italian former ski racer and race car driver. Between 1982 and 1987 he started to 64 Grand Prix races in Formula 1, later in sportscar racing.



Prior to his career in motorsport Teo Fabi drove ski race. As a teenager, he took the early 1970s Jahrer part in two Alpine World Championships FIS. For Brazil, he started in Val Gardena in 1970 and in St. Moritz in 1974, respectively in the downhill, 1970, in the giant slalom. His best result achieved Fabi 1974, when he finished in the space of 43 exit 87 participants.


1979 and 1980 took Teo Fabi in part for the factory team at the March Engineering Formula 2 Championship. The 1979 season, he finished in tenth, 1980, he was third in the drivers' standings.

The 1982 season was Fabi's first Formula 1 season. Seven of the fourteen Grand Prix he qualified for the team Toleman at the start, but he fell each with a technical fault or due to an accident from. In the same year he won together with Michele Alboreto the 1000 km race at the Nürburgring.

In the following season Fabi paused in Formula 1 and raced in the IndyCar World Series. For the 1984 season, he came back and started for Brabham. This team place he shared with his younger brother Corrado Fabi. In 1985 he ran again for the Toleman team, which for the 1986 season in Benetton Formula Ltd.. has been renamed. After two more seasons 1986 and 1987 from the Benetton team Fabi ended his Formula 1 career and went back to the IndyCar World Series, where he drove the Porsche in 2708 CART two years for Porsche.

Fabi's Formula 1 career was marked by numerous technical defects. He was reported in 71 races, failed to qualify for the start and placed 18 times at 64 races. It was the third place respectively at the U.S. Grand Prix in 1984 and the Grand Prix of Austria in 1987 his best results. Overall, it reached 23 championship points.

Later Fabi drove successfully in other motorsports race. In particular, he won the FIA World Sportscar Championship with TWR Jaguar in 1991.

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