The Stolen Jools

Cast in order of appearance

Jewel robbery in Hollywood ( English: The Stolen Jools ) is an American short film comedy thriller by William C. McGann from the year 1931.


At the annual ball of the film stars Norma Shearer's jewels were stolen. The police is asked by Edward G. Robinson and George E. Stone at gunpoint for clarification, as the jewels " were stolen them." After an odyssey of the present surveys on the ball gewesenen movie stars for the jewels revealed Mitzi Green, that she has seen, as Edward G. Robinson and George E. Stone packed them in a box, and suspected that something is not right. From honesty they took her to him.


The film was produced by Blackhawk Films in cooperation with Chesterfield Cigarettes made ​​for charitable purposes. The film was Chesterfields contribution to support the work of the National Variety Artists Tuberculosis Sanitarium. As a Production Supervisor E. K. needle worked. The film had on April 4, 1931 premiere. After the performance, the audience was asked for donations for the charity.

In the United Kingdom of Great Britain, the film under the name The Slippery Pearls was known; the title card has title of the film The Stolen Jools.


The "all- star cast " in the order of appearance: