Turtle (Syntax)

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Turtle ( Terse RDF Triple Language) is a serialization of Resource Description Framework (RDF) graph. It was developed by Dave Beckett. It is a subset of the Tim Berners -Lee and Dan Connolly's designed Notation 3 (N3 ) and closes the minimal N -Triples format with. Unlike N3 Turtle does not exceed the graph model of RDF.

SPARQL uses a subset of N3, which is similar in terms of the graphene pattern Turtle, but in addition, the clip of N3 syntax used to define subgraphs.

The RDF Working Group of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C ) has Turtle on August 9, 2011 accepted as the first "working draft", July 10, 2012 followed by a second "working draft". On February 25, 2014 Turtle was adopted along with RDF 1.1 as " RDF 1.1 Turtle " as a recommendation.

Turtle is widespread among Semantic Web developers because it is considered as a user- friendly alternative to RDF ​​/ XML. A significant proportion of tools for RDF parsing and serializing used Turtle (eg Redland, Sesame, Jena and rdflib ).


@ prefix rdf: . @ prefix dc: . @ prefix ex: .    dc: title " RDF / XML Syntax Specification ( Revised )";    ex: editor [      ex: fullName " Dave Beckett ";      ex: homePage    ]. ( The Turtle example is also valid Notation3 ).

The MIME type of Turtle is text / turtle. The content of Turtle statement is always UTF -8.