Ãœbach-Palenberg station

Railway line Aachen -Mönchengladbach


The station Ubach- Palenberg is a former railway station and current breakpoint in Ubach- Palenberg at the southern tip of the circle Heinberg. He is on the railway line Aachen -Mönchengladbach on the western outskirts of Palenberg near the worm. Here hold Wupper - Express and Rhein- Nier -Bahn. His environment presents itself in the form that it received during the reorganization and modernization in the 1990s and 2008. It belongs to the category 5 station


On November 11, 1852, the portion of Herzogenrath to Reydt and a year later opened the complete line Aachen- Dusseldorf from the Aachen- Dusseldorf - Ruhrorter Railway Company solemnly. At this time Palenberg did not have its own railway station. An exact year in which the first station has yet to be determined. In the statistics of the year 1861, he is not mentioned, but in 1881 in the Official Journal ( special trains at the Aachen Pilgrimage ) is Palenberg called breakpoint. During this time, a train station, including station building on the western edge must have originated from Palenberg. Palenberg was then only a small hamlet and belonged with Bersitten at the time still independent community Frelenberg. 1912 where he received the pit Carolus Magnus a siding and on the site of today, created in the 1990s, park-and -ride car park, a new station building was constructed of wood. After 1935 Palenberg and the station became part of the new municipality of Ubach- Palenberg, a year later was again built on the eastern side, a new reception building for the now in Ubach- Palenberg renamed the station. This building was enlarged in 2002 and converted into a youth and senior center.

With the closure of the mine Carolus Magnus in 1962, the station lost much of its importance.

In 2000 work began to the complete redesign of the station area. The station building was converted into a senior center, new premises for a youth center came right next to it. Since 2002, thus meet the former station building seniors and youth, declared as multi-generational house since 2008.

In November 2007, the crossovers have been cut, the third track and the interlocking UEF were abandoned. The station was thus converted to a breakpoint. These alterations were done to the port of the section between Ubach- Palenberg and Reydt Hbf to the electronic interlocking ( CBI ) Grevenbroich. 2009 started reconstruction measures in which the platforms were provided with barrier-free access. This is no longer usable, but still existing third track was dismantled in the context of this work. On 16 August 2010, the newly designed platforms of analysis were passed. Thanks to generous park-and- ride facilities on the west and east side of the station offers a combination of car, train or bicycle and train, for example, for commuters. In addition, you can also rent surcharge lockable bicycle storage boxes.

Current usage

The breakpoint is hit in the passenger of the following lines:

*: Only Mon-Fri morning two trips per direction.