UCI ProTour#List of current UCI ProTeams

UCI ProTeam are professional cycling teams on the road cycle race in the UCI World Tour ( 2010: UCI ProTour ) and the race of the UCI Categories "HC " and "1 " of the UCI Continental Circuits (UCI Africa Tour, UCI America Tour, UCI Asia Tour, UCI Europe Tour, UCI Oceania Tour ) participate.

Participation in the race of the UCI World Tour is mandatory for the ProTeam. Similarly, the organizer of the UCI World Tour must allow the UCI ProTeam. The UCI ProTeam thus form before the UCI Professional Continental teams and the UCI Continental teams, the first category of registered by the International Cycling Union UCI Road Radmannsdorf properties.

The Team ProTeam category was created in 2005 with the introduction of the UCI ProTour and corresponds approximately to the previous category GS1 or TT1 ( Groupe Sportif one or Trade Team 1).

Identity, name and nationality

A UCI ProTeam Team consists of the operator paying agent ( en., dt about: Responsible for payment ), the sponsors, the cyclists and the other dealing with the team ( manager, trainer, team physician, Soigneur, mechanics, etc.). Up to two sponsors have the status as the main sponsors. One or more of these individuals or entities is the owner of the UCI World Tour team license, which constitutes the identity operator in addition to the team of the team, while the name and the sponsors of the team may change. Basically, none of these individuals or entities may connect to another UCI ProTeam, UCI Professional Continental team entertained the organizer of a World Tour race; Can authorize exceptions when an impairment of sporting fairness is not considered given the UCI. The paying agent and the main sponsors may operate Continental teams or other youth teams, however; these teams are not running together but in international races.

The name of a UCI ProTeam is basically the name or mark one or both of the main sponsors, or the name of the paying agents. Exceptionally, the team can be licensed under a different name associated with the project.

The nationality of a UCI ProTeam determined either according to the seat of the team operator, the license holder or the country in which the advertised product, service, or brand is traded, and has practical significance only for the minimum wages of drivers.

UCI WorldTour Team license

The UCI awards since the introduction of the UCI World Tour in 2011 up to 18 UCI World Tour team licenses for up to four years on the basis of sporting, ethical, financial and administrative criteria. The licensed teams are called UCI ProTeam and shall be registered annually. The license may be forfeited for non-compliance with these criteria.

The sporting criterion is considered met for placing in the top 15 of an "internal" rankings. Teams between No. 16 and 20 of this ranking can be registered. This unpublished until the 2013 season ranking was based on a two- year ranking of the best 15 committed for next season driver. At the start of the 2013 season, the UCI published the calculation of the rankings for the licensing of the Year 2014: It is calculated success of the team in the current year and the ten best drivers in a two-year evaluation, which is calculated from final rankings in the UCI World Tour and the UCI Continental Circuits and podium finishes in major races and world championship victories in endurance disciplines outside of road cycling. If a driver changes the team remain 20% of the marks obtained by him in his former team.

The ethical criterion will focus on the issue of doping. Participation in the " biological passport " program is mandatory for ProTeam.

Of the remaining criteria in particular the UCI minimum requirements for the driver contracts and the bank guarantee for salaries must be observed.

Applicants for a UCI WorldTour Team license which miss the sporting criterion, but fulfill the other criteria will be registered as UCI Professional Continental team.

The licensing criteria in the years of the UCI ProTour 2005 - 2010 were comparable. A significant change from the current licensing conditions was that the sporting criterion has not been verified on the basis of a points classification and the registration has already licensed teams was made independent of the sporting value of teams for the following year, a sporty descent was therefore excluded. Also, were awarded up to 20 ProTour licenses, so that the organizers could invite correspondingly less Professional Continental team.


The drivers of the UCI ProTeam are professional cyclists. Your minimum working conditions are governed by UCI regulations and by collective contract-like agreement between the Team Owners' Association Association Internationale des Groupes Cyclistes Professionnel ( AIGCP ) and the ' drivers' union " Cyclistes Professionnels Associés (CPA ). The minimum salary for a Neoprofi is € 29,370 a year, for other drivers € 36,300; but at least the legal minimum wage, which applies in the country whose nationality has the UCI ProTeam. These amounts shall be increased by 50% if the driver is driving not as employees, but as a freelancer for the operating company. In addition, inter alia, the prize money, which are usually divided between the drivers and other personnel.

The minimum number of riders per team is 23, the maximum number of riders per UCI ProTeam is without Neoprofis 28, in a Neoprofi 29 and from two to five Neoprofis 30 More than five Neoprofis must not employ a UCI ProTeam.

In addition, a UCI ProTeam for participation in races of the UCI Continental Circuits from August 1 of each year, undertake up to three drivers as a trainee contract.


The UCI ProTeam represent the elite of registered with the UCI team represents the appropriate licenses are highly coveted because they guarantee participation in the most important race in cycling, the UCI World Tour and thus as part of their particular the Tour de France. As a result thereof, there is a large international perception of these teams.

The existing rules, partially taken into account the concerns of the date for ProTour oppositional race organizers ( Amaury Sport Organisation, RCS Media Group and Unipublic ) against the former UCI ProTour, in particular by reducing the number of ProTeam from 20 to 18 and the possibility of license revocation for non-compliance of the sporting licensing criterion. Some of the criteria for licensing in particular the "internal" and thus lacking in transparency ranking to determine the sporting criterion be criticized as unclear.

List of UCI ProTeam

For the UCI World Tour 2014, the following were registered by the UCI ProTeam.