Vostok Gas

Vostok Nafta Investment Ltd.. is an investment company headquartered in Hamilton, Bermuda. The company was founded in 1996 and again in 2007 and is listed on the OMX Stockholm 30 Index Financial.


Vostok Nafta was founded in 1996 by the Swedish entrepreneur Adolf H. Lundin ( 1932-2006 ), among which, among other Lundin Oil and Lundin Mining. The new company should focus on investment in the former Soviet Union. There they bought in 1999 80 per cent share of the Eastern Transnational Company, which went to the Stockholm Stock Exchange after a spin-off under the name Vostok Oil in December 2000. Further investments in the oil and gas sector followed in the next few years, through acquisitions, the Russian company Gazprom held in July 2007, 90 percent of the shares in Vostok Nafta. During a restructuring in 2007, the oil and gas investments have been completely taken over by Gazprom and renamed Vostok gas, while shares of companies in mining, industry and agriculture in the new Vostok Nafta Investment Ltd.. remained. Vostok Nafta early 2013 sold his shares of the agricultural company Black Earth Farming and the timber company Rusforest, the remaining investments are concentrated on credit card transactions Bank Tinkoff Credit Systems and the Russian online retailer Avito. In May 2013 sold the largest shareholders of Vostok Nafta, which are controlled by the Lundin family Lorito Holdings and Zebra Holdings & Investments, its 31.1 percent stake in the U.S. investment firm Luxor Capital Group.


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