WCW World Television Championship

  • NWA Mid-Atlantic Television Championship
  • NWA Television Championship
  • NWA World Television Championship

The WCW World Television Championship ( WCW television to German World Cup) was a wrestling title of World Championship Wrestling. The title was fought in the middleweight class. The suffix " Television" meant that the title could only switch for TV recorded matches the wearer.


The title was originally called Mid-Atlantic TV Championship and, after Mid-Atlantic Wrestling NWA had joined as NWA World Television Championship known. When the National Wrestling Alliance no longer existed as an independent league starting in January, 1991, the NWA World Television title was ( which from the NWA National Television title emerged in 1984 ) renamed the WCW World Television Championship. First track carrier was on January 14, 1991 Arn Anderson.

The Television title was worn over time, among others, the following wrestlers: Dusty Rhodes, Sting, Lex Luger, Steve Austin, Chris Benoit, Último Dragón or Chris Jericho.

1999, the title was abolished.

In WCW Thunder on 16 February 2000 an attempt was made to re-establish the program, which did not succeed the Television title with a related storyline. The title was finally deactivated on 10 April 2000.

Significant title matches

  • October 25, 1992, Halloween Havoc: " Stunning " Steve Austin against Dusty Rhodes
  • September 19, 1993, Fall Brawl: Ricky " the Dragon" Steamboat against "Lord" Steven Regal
  • October 24, 1993, Halloween Havoc: Steven Regal against British Bulldog
  • September 18, 1994, Fall Brawl: Johnny B. Badd against Steven Regal
  • May 26, 1995, World War III: Johnny B. Badd against Diamond Dallas Page
  • December 28, 1997, Starrcade: Perry Saturn vs. Chris Benoit
  • 30 April 1998 WCW Thunder: Booker T vs. Chris Benoit
  • October 25, 1998, Halloween Havoc: Chris Jericho Raven

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