When Time Ran Out

The day the world went down (Original Title: When Time Ran Out ... ). U.S. is a disaster film from 1980 directed by James Goldstone. Carl Foreman and Stirling Silliphant wrote the screenplay based on the novel The Fire Cloud ( Original title: The Day Their World Ended ) by Gordon Thomas and Max Morgan Witts.


Hank Anderson drilled on a South Sea island for oil. He accidentally finds that the island's volcano is about to erupt. But no one takes his warnings seriously. At the very least his partner Bob Spangler, who runs a currently fully booked holiday hotel in the threatened area. The no wish to scare his guests and therefore throws caution to the wind. When the disaster breaks out a little later, devastate severe earthquake and a huge tsunami a large part of the island, the hotel is spared. But even now refuses the greedy Spangler to evacuate his hotel. Instead, he evokes the hotel guests to persevere in place until help arrives. Hank Anderson is there but disagreed and flees with a small group of guests to the other, higher-lying side of the island. After a long and dangerous journey, especially the small group finally reached the other side of the island, where they are taken up by two ships.


The 20- million dollar movie was Irwin Allen's last attempt to build on his two old blockbuster The Poseidon Adventure and The Towering Inferno, which he was not able. Rather than offer the audience something new, Allen simply adopted many ideas from his previous films.

As in his previous films, Irwin Allen also got a commitment for the day when the world went under a bachtliches star cast ( among others Paul Newman, Jacqueline Bisset, William Holden, Red Buttons and James Franciscus ).


The film received an Academy Award nomination for Best Costume Design.


The lexicon of international film wrote that the film was a " disaster film, of an old theme " varying, " without offering much new." He offers " average entertainment in the traditional Hollywood - style."

The movie magazine Cinema ruled: " artificiality debris orgy with star-studded ".