William Wright Heard

William Wright Heard ( born April 28, 1853 at Union Parish, Louisiana, † June 1, 1926 in New Orleans, Louisiana ) was an American politician (Democratic Party) and 1900-1904 Governor of the State of Louisiana.

Early years and political rise

William Heard attended the local schools of his home and the Academy in Farmersville. In 1877 he was employed in the administration of the District Court. He remained there for 16 years. Between 1884 and 1888 he was a member of the House of Representatives of Louisiana, 1888-1892 State Senator. The following eight years he was auditor (State auditor) in that State. As a favorite of Governor Murphy J. Foster, he was elected in 1900 as the new governor of his state.

Governor of Louisiana

Heard took up his new post on May 8, 1900. His tenure was relatively uneventful. At the time, created a Board of Education and Labour Office ( Bureau of labor statistics ), and the awarding of convicts for forced labor was abolished. In Heard's tenure after the discovery of oil and natural gas, these industries were promoted, which should take a strong upswing soon. Although at that time was a mental institution for African Americans, Heard was a supporter of racial segregation.

Further CV

After the end of his tenure, Heard withdrew from politics. He then became involved in the ecclesiastical field and worked as a banker in New Orleans. William Heard died in June 1926., With his wife Isabelle Elizabeth Manning he had seven children.