Alvin Olin King

Alvin Olin King ( born June 21, 1890 in Leoti, Wichita County, Kansas, † January 21, 1958 in Lake Charles, Louisiana ) is an American politician, and in 1932 was Governor of the state of Louisiana.

Early years and political rise

Alvin King attended Lake Charles High School, the Parsons Business College and Tulane University, where he studied until 1915 Jura. Then he began to practice in his new profession. King was a member of the Democratic Party as their candidate, he was elected in 1924 to the Senate from Louisiana. In 1930 he became president of that body.

Governor of Louisiana

Huey Pierce Long since 1928 were Governor and Paul Cyr Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana. After Long in the U.S. Senate had been elected, the discussion broke out about his successor as governor. Actually, this post would have been entitled to the lieutenant governor; this had but now divided against Long. After the election Longs in the Senate Cyr had, even before he took office in Washington, are of the opinion that with the election of Long whose mandate was over as governor, and he, Cyr, it immediately had to take over his office. Long was incensed because he wanted to stay until his inauguration in Washington as governor in office. With the help of its great influence in the party he now ran the deposition Cyr as lieutenant governor. He alleged that this fraud and forced him to resign.

This Senate President King became the new Deputy Governor and after the actual exchange of Long in the U.S. Senate Alvin King was born on January 25, 1932 Governor of Louisiana. In this role, he had only the term Longs, which expired on 16 May of the same year, quit. In this short time King has continued the policy of his predecessor.

Further CV

After the end of his brief tenure as governor to King withdrew from politics. He resumed his legal practice and later became president of the Bar Association of Louisiana. Alvin King died in 1958. Together with his wife Willie Lee Voris he had two children.