Zschaitz - Ottewig is a municipality in the north of the Saxon administrative district of Central Saxony. It belongs to the administrative community Ostrava. The seat of the municipality is located in the district Zschaitz.

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The community is located about 6 km north of the city chub and 20 km south of Riesa, in the valley of the river Jahna and the surrounding ridge in the northwest of Lommatzscher care.

Local structure

Districts are:

  • Auterwitz
  • Baderitz
  • Dürrweitzschen
  • Glaucha
  • Goselitz
  • Lüttewitz (for chub )
  • Lützschnitz
  • Mischütz
  • Möbertitz
  • Ottewig
  • Zschaitz
  • Zunschwitz

Neighboring communities


In addition to 900 other archaeological finds in Lommatzscher care of Zschaitzer Castle Hill is regarded as one of the most important archaeological monuments of the region. During excavations in August 2009 could be demonstrated that there was a Slavic people castle in the 9th century. As a sensation but finds are from the period around 4000 BC ( Chalcolithic period, Funnel Beaker culture), a phase which is quite sparsely occupied in Saxony. The German Federal Environmental Foundation promotes in Germany s most important archaeological area until 2011, a project for the protection of ground monuments before agricultural technical damage.


Population Development

Development of the population ( as of 1995 December 31 ):

Born October 3,


The local elections of 7 June 2009 resulted in a turnout of 61.8 % ( 14.7 ) to the following result for the composition of the council:


  • Forest stadium with restaurant
  • Recreation center with outdoor stage
  • Environment Centre Ökohof Auterwitz e.V.
  • Holiday Ranch with adventure playground
  • Reservoir Baderitz
  • Church Zschaitz

Economy and infrastructure


Through the west of the municipality is the B leads 169 The community is also accessible via the A14 connection chub -Nord ( about 5 km). Zschaitz lies on the railway line Riesa- Chemnitz and Elsterwerda and Chemnitz served by regional trains running every hour.

Public institutions

  • 2 daycare


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Werner Mummert (1897-1950), officer in the Wehrmacht
  • Karl Naumann (1905-1976), politician in Lower Saxony (GB ), SS - Standartenführer in the time of National Socialism