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Heads of State

Year of the Metal horse庚午(at the beginning of Earth Snake己巳)

Syria: 321/322 ( year in October )


Politics and World Affairs

Roman Empire

  • Publius Cornelius Dolabella, together with Gaius Junius Silanus Consul of the Roman Empire. Servius Cornelius Lentulus Suffektkonsuln be Maluginensis and Quintus Junius Blaesus.
  • After the sinking of three legions under Varus Publius Quinctilius in Germania Tiberius Caesar Augustus is again equipped with the office of proconsul. In the first year of his military commands he sees, however, from having to cross the Rhine.
  • The Roman Illyria, where the population had rebelled over four years against the Roman supremacy, is divided into the provinces of Pannonia and Dalmatia.


  • Straton II, the last ruler of the Indo- Greek Kingdom, is defeated by Rajuvula from the Indo- Scythian dynasty. Thus Hellenism place in the Middle East its final end.
  • ( or 11): The King of Charakene, Attambelos II, dies. His successor will Abinergaos I.
  • The Parthian Artabanus II rises with the support of the nobility against the king Vonones I, who is ostracized because of his " Roman " lifestyle. It is followed by two years of unrest, to Artabanus power can finally usurp.


  • The Chinese emperor Wang Mang introduces a new tax: the income tax. It amounts to 10 percent of all profits. Creation of an office for compensation to regulate the market and prices.


  • The Tiberius Caesar Augustus commissioned redesign of Concordia temple in the Roman Forum in Rome is completed.
  • 10: The semi-precious stone Gemma Augustea is produced in the workshop that the stone cutter Dioscorides founded in Rome.