2007 Superbike World Championship season

The Superbike World Championship 2007 season was the 20th in the history of the FIM Superbike World Championship. In 13 Events 25 races were held.


World Champion will be the one driver or the designer, which until the end of season the most points accumulated in the World Cup. The distribution of points, the placings in the overall result of each race are taken into account. The fifteen first-placed rider in each race will receive points according to the following scheme:

In the evaluation all obtained results came.

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  • All pilots were on Pirelli control tires.
  • The rankings are eight and nine of the second run in Australia were subsequently exchanged between Michel Fabrizio and Max Neukirchen. Both had come according to timing at the same time to the finish. However, the transponder was on Neukirchners machine behind the engine, on Fabrizio's on the front. On the target photo Commissioners Fabrizio confused with Lorenzo Lanzi and therefore did not notice the error. After re-examining the target pictures, the result was corrected by the FIM ..
  • From the race at Donington the team Pedercini put a second Ducati for the Italian Luca Morelli a ..
  • For the race at Donington and Valencia the team sterile Garda reported a second bike for the Italian Giovanni Bussei ..

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