Amerika (song)

September 6, 2004

America is a song by German - New German Hardness band Rammstein from their fourth studio album Reise, Reise. It also appeared on Made in Germany 1995-2011. It was released as the second single from the album on September 6, 2004 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It was produced by Jacob Hellner and the song of Rammstein itself, it was released under the label Motor Music.


The chorus of the song comes from a song by the band The Sounds, entitled Living in America. America was included in the Nectar Studios in Mexico City and the El Cortijo studio in Málaga in 2003. America criticized in satirical form of the process of Americanization, cultural imperialism and the " cultural arrogance " of the United States. The two verses are sung in German, the chorus mostly in English ( " We're all living in America America is wonderful We're all living in America, America, America. " ) Mentioned Wonderbra, Coca -Cola and Mickey mouse. The latter " is " according to the lyrics in front of Paris, a nod to the Euro Disney.

"I know the steps very good, and will protect you from misstep and who does not want to dance at the end not that he must dance know ... "

In English, then follows in a Bridge:

"I do not sing my mother tongue No, this is not a love song. We're all living in America. Coca -Cola, sometimes was. "


The page wrote: "In terms of music is " America " typical Rammstein and could also be on the last album " be included " mother. But lyrically clear progress can be seen: "America" ​​is marked by irony, a bitterly angry " homage" to the U.S., but without falling into slabs anti-Americanism ".

Music Video

The video shows the band in space suits on the moon. At the end of the video is shown, however, that the band is in a film studio, a nod to conspiracy theories, the Americans had never been on the moon. You can see an Indian who lights a Lucky Strike, or Indian children who eat hamburgers.

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