Anatoly Parfyonov

Anatoly Ivanovich Parfenov (Russian Анатолий Иванович Парфенов, scientific transliteration Anatoly Ivanovich Parfenov, born November 17, 1924 in Dvornikovo; † January 28, 1993 in Moscow) was a Soviet wrestler in the world class.


Anatoli Parfenov began as a teenager with the rings. By large training diligence and good physical conditions, Parfenov was a model athlete 1.90 m tall and about 110 kg body weight, he moved to the beginning of the 1950s in the elite of the Soviet wrestler in the heavyweight class. He struggled only in the Greco- Roman style, and was a member of the Sports Club "Dynamo" Moscow. First, he was still in the shadow of decades, the Soviet head of the heavyweight wrestler dominant " veterans " Johannes Kotkas, arsenic Mekokischwili and Alexander Masur. However, in 1954 he made the surprise and was Soviet heavyweight champion. 1954 but only world championships were held in free style, and in 1955 he at the World Championships in Greco -Roman style in Karlsruhe again, the 43- year-old Alexander Masur was preferred. At the Olympic Games in Melbourne in 1956 but was used. He justified the confidence of the Soviet Union officials put in it, and became Olympic champion. However, this victory was controversial and very happy. In his first fight he met the German champions Wilfried Dietrich and lost on points. After a further point victory, he was also subject to the Swede Bertil Antonsson and was thus left without a medal. In the meantime, the Soviet team lead, however, had filed a protest against the validity of the struggle against Dietrich. This protest was accepted by the jury and converted the judgment of the struggle in " point winner Parfenov ". From a German perspective wrongly. From today's point of view? Who can say that after 50 years. Dietrich, who has won all of his other fights, was only silver medalist. Parfenov was also carrying " bye " to have happiness in the last three rounds twice while Dietrich had to wrestle and by two point victories respectively einhandelte a missing dot, which made him worse off by one point in the end when Parfenov.

After the Olympic victory Parfenov ranking even further to 1962, but came to no inserts at the Olympic Games or World Championships more, because in the Soviet Union from 1957 he was in the shadow of Ivan Bogdan, whom he could not defeat. After ending his career as an active wrestler Parfenov was the physical education teacher, was a great coach, who supervised many young athletes in Moscow and travel up into the top.

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(OS = Olympic Games, GR = Greek and Roman. Styles, S = Heavy weight)

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