Antje Buschschulte

Antje Schulte Busch (* December 27, 1978 in West Berlin) is a former German swimmer.

Sports career

At the age of seven years, Busch Schulte began swimming in Berlin, where she was spotted by the club TSV Zehlendorf 88. Her first international competition was after the family moved to Lübeck -Travemünde, the European Youth Championships in Istanbul in 1993, where she won 100m backstroke and the 4x100 m medley relay at age 14. In 1995, she moved to Hamburg to professional training. After Bronze 4x100 m freestyle at the 1996 Olympics her Hamburg coach ended his activity and bush Schulte joined with 17 years of the SG Hamburg to SC Magdeburg, where they went on the sports high school and came to her longtime coach Bernd Henneberg. Your special disciplines were the short back and freestyle tracks. In 2006 she won the European title on the short track about 100 m with a trip to the Delphi discipline. Overall, it took more than 54 medals in international championships and participated in four Olympic Games in part (1996, 2000, 2004, 2008). In 2003 she became world champion in the 100 m backstroke. It is the only German swimmer who in succession from 1995 to 2008 in any international competition highlight of the year took part in 14 years ( European and World Championships, Olympic Games). On 28 November 2008, she announced her retirement from sport.


After high school she studied physical education and English, and later biology. After her retirement from active competition, she started at the Otto -von- Guericke- University of Magdeburg in order to graduate as a neurobiologist. She's been swimming still connected and was from May 2009 to September 2011 Vice- President of the State Swimming Association Saxony- Anhalt. Since 1st November 2011 Antje Schulte Busch works as an office manager by Rainer Robra, head of the State Chancellery of Saxony-Anhalt, and makes every effort to complete their next promotion.


By 2002, she was romantically involved with Ingo Schultz. Five hours after his victory at the European Championships they parted. She is married to the German swimmer Helge Meeuw with which they have a daughter (* 2010). The family lives in Magdeburg.

International success (50 m length )

  • Olympic Games 1996: bronze medal 4x100m freestyle
  • Olympic 2000: bronze medal 4x200m freestyle
  • Olympic 2004: bronze medal in 200m backstroke, 4x200 m freestyle, 4x100 m medley
  • 2001 World Championships: Gold 4x100 m freestyle, 50m backstroke silver, bronze 100m backstroke
  • 2003 World Championships: Gold 100m backstroke, silver 4x100 m freestyle
  • 2005 World Championships: Silver 100m backstroke, silver 4x100 m freestyle, 50m backstroke bronze, bronze 4x100 m medley
  • European Championships 1995 - 2006: 5 x Gold, 3 x Silver, 4 x Bronze