Kristin Otto

Kristin Otto ( 1982)

Kristin Otto ( born February 7, 1966 in Leipzig ) is a German former swimmer who competed for East Germany. After sum of the title wins at Olympic Games, World and European Championships Kristin Otto is the most successful German swimming athlete with a total of 22 titles. Professionally, she is now a sports journalist at ZDF.


Kristin Otto competed for the SC DHfK Leipzig. At the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, she won six gold medals. This makes it the most successful German swimmer in Olympic competitions. Among all the German Olympic participants, it ranks third behind Birgit Fischer ( eight gold medals) and Reiner Klimke ( six gold medals, two bronze ). In the years 1988 and 1989 Kristin Otto was in 1988 voted European Athlete of the Year Athlete of the Year in the GDR. In 1993, she was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the international swimming sport.

Her first international success was in 1981 at the European Cup in London, the victory over 100m backstroke. In 1982, she was three times world champion, in 1984 she managed a world record in the 200m freestyle ( 1:58,15 minutes), a start in the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles prevented the boycott of the Eastern Bloc countries (including the GDR). In 1986, she set a world record in the 100m freestyle ( 54.73 seconds ), which was only six years later, in 1992, by Jenny Thompson improved.

Her career as an active competitive athlete finished Kristin Otto after the European Championships in 1989 in Bonn, where she won a bronze medal two gold and. She studied journalism in Leipzig and then was sports presenter and commentator at the television station ZDF. Among other things, she presents the ZDF sports reportage and the sports section of the ZDF news broadcast today.


In the years 1999 and 2000, her former team doctor Horst exchange and her coach Stefan Hetzer been convicted of the of them confessed years of doping in their care. Kristin Otto protested then against accusations of having been drugged knowingly.

Specifically, it is just like the former East German swimmer Daniela peak hunger, Dagmar Hase and Heike Friedrich alleged to have taken illegal performance-enhancing substances at the European Swimming Championships in 1989 in Bonn. The testosterone content of the women corresponded to that of a normal man and was well above the normal female value. It denies to this day these allegations.

1991 could make dozens of theses and dissertations former GDR doping researchers in the Military Medical Academy in Bad Saarow doping opponents Berendonk Brigitte and Werner Franke. Based on the work, let the state-organized doping practices of many well-known East German athletes, including Kristin Otto reconstruct. Dr. Claus Clausnitzer, GDR times employees of the central doping control laboratories in Kreischa, 1990 confirmed the authenticity of the publicly published lists and the code number used therein for Kristin Otto.

According to a report by the television magazine Zapp in 2007, there were according to statements by former teammates clear evidence that Kristin Otto was also doped with her ​​six Olympic gold medals in Seoul. There, however, manifests itself also the former editor in chief Nikolaus Brender ZDF as follows:

"Ms. Otto has issued in 2000 a, in a letter to the director, a very clear explanation. The fact that she has never taken knowingly or willfully banned substances, has never knowingly or intentionally doped. And as long as no evidence on the table - and who has them, which they shall bring - as long as we stand by it. "

Sporting successes

Olympic victories in 1988

  • 50 m freestyle
  • 100 m Freestyle
  • 100 m Butterfly
  • 100m backstroke
  • 4 × 100 m freestyle relay ( with Katrin Meissner, Daniela hunger and Manuela Stellmach )
  • 4 × 100 m medley relay ( with Silke horns, Birte Weigang and Katrin Meissner )

World Championships

Awards (selection)


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