List of world records in swimming

The swimming world records are the best times that have been set up to the present time for the routes in compliance with the regulations of the world governing body FINA. Current world records are made ​​each for men and women in 41 disciplines; of which 20 records on the long course (50 m length ) and 21 records on the short course (25 m length ). On both tracks, most records dated before January 1, 2010, the effective date, since the competitive use of increasingly powerful supporting swimsuits is no longer allowed. Of the current long- course world records, most ( 21) were set up at the World Swimming Championships 2009 in Rome. With eleven records, most short-course world records from the swimming World Cup in Berlin in 2009 originate (as of 15 December 2012).

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  • 2.2 Women
  • 2.3 Mixed - scales
  • 3.1 The nations
  • 3.2 most successful athletes
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World records long course (50 meters)


Mixed relay teams

World Records Short Course (25 meters)


Mixed relay teams

  • Record was:
  • Without swimming suit ( especially after the ban on swimsuits from 2010)
  • Achieved with swim suit
  • Achieved with partial swimsuit ( free torso, trousers up to the knees )
  • Because of still missing sources not previously 100 - % -owned statement about swimwear possible. Since these world records but all are from the years 2008/ 09 and launched almost all world class swimmer with a high-tech suit or a at this time, one can assume that these world records have been achieved with a swimming suit. In the only remaining valid short course WR in the 2001 one must also assume that Grant Hackett was wearing a swimsuit because it is already eight days previously one used in his long-track WR over the same distance.
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The nations

Successful athletes

Long-term records

  • Official long course world record (after May 1 1957 )
  • Formal short course world record (after May 1 1957 )
  • World record probably situated on short course (before May 1, 1957 ) Only on the activities carried out under the Summer Olympic Games in 1956 FINA Congress has determined that records from May 1, 1957 exclusively on the long course (50 meters or 55 yards) official recognition, see [E 1] (or between long course and short course world records A distinction is made ). Until then, came the majority of the records from the 25 - meter pool, as time savings resulting from the frequent turning.


  • The Swede Arne Borg graduated with his established on September 2, 1927 1500 meters world record the first 800 meters in 10:09 minutes, which he remained 28 seconds under the world best held by him on this track. This time it was not until 1933 officially undercut, Borg would have occupied in the Olympic 4 x 200 meter relay competition from Paris three years earlier in fourth place. [E 2]
  • Jessica Hardy was able to establish two world records in one run: On 7 August 2009 she swam on the long course 100 m breaststroke in a world record time of 1:04,45 min. For the first path it took only 29.80 s enabled it to undercut their own 50 -meter world record of the previous day by 0.15 seconds.

Gallery of record holder (selection)

Kaio de Almeida

Therese Alshammar

Paul Biedermann

Cesar Cielo Filho

Missy Franklin

Matt Grevers

Grant Hackett

Jessica Hardy

Femke Heemskerk

Ranomi Kromowidjojo

Katie Ledecky

Amaury Leveaux

Jason Lezak

Ryan Lochte

Rūta Meilutyte

Aaron Peirsol

Federica Pellegrini

Michael Phelps

Eric Shanteau

Rebecca Soni

Britta Steffen

Cameron van der Burgh

Marleen Veldhuis