Sun Yang

Sun Yang (孙 杨, Pinyin: Sun Yang, born 1 December 1991 in Hangzhou) is a Chinese swimmer and is considered one of the greatest talents in international swimming.

2008 Sun took at the age of only 16 years at the Summer Olympics in Beijing part in their own country and went to some freestyle distances. The Aquatics Center " Water Cube " but he could not secure the top places. About 400 meters, he finished 28th rank and the 4 x 400 meter freestyle relay in tenth place. Over 1500 meters, although he reached the final, finished this but with almost 25 seconds behind the winner Oussama Mellouli last. A year later he won at the World Championships in Rome the bronze medal over the same distance and swam to three Asian championships a few months later. After the Asian Games in 2010, where he had two gold and two silver medals won, he was honored by the TV station CCTV as a young talent of the year.

Due to the performance shown during the season Sun was one of the hopefuls of his country at the 2011 World Championships in Shanghai, to which he traveled all four Weltjahresbestleistungen. About 800 meters freestyle and he achieved superior before the Canadian Ryan Cochrane his first world championship title; the 1500 -meter freestyle, he finished well ahead of Cochrane, undercutting the ten -year-old world record of Grant Hackett.

On the first day of competition of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London Sun swam favors and with a new Asian record for the gold medal in the 400 meters freestyle and had a lead of almost two seconds behind the defending champion Park Tae- hwan. This was followed by a second rank over 200 -meter freestyle relay and the bronze medal over four times the distance. On the last day of the London swimming competitions Sun showed his class again. Over 1500 meters freestyle, he improved his own world record by more than three seconds and referred Ryan Cochrane and the defending champion Oussama Mellouli on the courts. In this race, he had first to be charged to a false start, but was, as it had apparently distracted restlessness in the audience, not disqualified.