Yannick Agnel

Yannick Agnel ( born June 9, 1992, Nîmes ) is a French freestyle swimmer. In 2012 he won the gold in the 200 meters freestyle and with the French 4x100 meters freestyle relay at the Olympic Games in London. He is a French record holder over 200 and 400 meters freestyle.

Sporting career

2009 brought Yannick Agnel at the European Junior European Championships the title of 200 m, 400 m and the 4x200 - meter relay. At the European Junior European Championships 2010, he improved on his gold medal win the French record in the 400m at 3:46,26 min.

In 2010 he was European champion in the 400 meters and broke the French record again. As a start float the 4x200 -meter freestyle relay that finished in third place, he also improved on its own national record to 1:45,83 min.

At the 2011 World Championships in Shanghai, he was about 200 meters in a record time of 1:44,99 min French and fifth in the 400m in 3:45,24 min sixth. With the freestyle relay, he won over 4x200m silver medal.

At the Olympic Games in London in 2012 he passed as the final swimmer in the 4x100 - meter race on the last train the Americans Ryan Lochte and secured his team in 3:09,93 min surprising Olympic victory. In single race over 200 meters, he won his second gold medal think in a time of 1:43,14 min, by which he improved the national record again. In conclusion, he took with France nor the silver medal in the 4x200 m freestyle relay. In the same year, he scored at the French Short Course Championships with 3:32,27 min over 400 m setting a new world and with 7:29,17 min over 800 meters a new European record. Agnel 2012 was chosen as the European Swimmer of the Year.

At the World Championships 2013 in Barcelona, he won at the Olympic Games as the title of 200 m, with the French 4x100 - meter relay. In preparation for the 2016 Olympics changed Agnel coach Fabrice Pellerin to the training group by Bob Bowman to Baltimore in the United States.