Order of Karl Marx

The Karl -Marx- Orden was existing since 1953, greatest and most lucrative of Merit of the German Democratic Republic (GDR).

Foundation base

The Karl -Marx- Orden was on May 5, 1953, within the held in the GDR, Karl -Marx- year, the year of the 135th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx and his 70th death anniversary, by the Prime Minister of the GDR Otto Grotewohl in a step donated. The governance honored by the Foundation of the Order in the former parlance the life and work of "the greatest son and most important scientist of the German people " to perpetuate his memory.

Suggestion scheme

The proposals, which led to the award of the Karl -Marx- Orden, was the basis of proposals from scientific, cultural or social institutions of the GDR to the Council of Ministers. This then recommended the award of the Order by the President of the GDR later Council of State.

Award ceremony circle and conditions

The Karl -Marx- Orden could be awarded to individuals, collectives, institutions, businesses and social organizations in the GDR for special services at the planned construction of socialism. Later, organizations, units and institutions of the so-called armed forces for outstanding contributions could be honored. In particular, the Karl -Marx- Orden was awarded:

  • For outstanding achievements in front of the whole German people in the struggle for the production of a unified, democratic, independent and peace-loving Germany, for outstanding contribution to the development and strengthening of the National Front of Democratic Germany. (This ceremony point fell in later years away)
  • For excellence in the care of the classic German heritage and the creation of a new German culture, for the development of a continuing written German science and art
  • For outstanding achievements in the area of the planned construction of socialism in the GDR; for special services to the continuous growth and continuous improvement of socialist production on the basis of the most advanced technology
  • For such an activity, which had produced excellent results in industry, agriculture, transport, commerce and collection efforts by state and collective facilities, operations and organizations
  • For special contributions to the strengthening of the alliance between the working class and the working peasantry to the development of agriculture, for achieving high yields and high results of animal husbandry, for special contributions to the development and consolidation of Landwirtschadftlichen production cooperatives
  • For outstanding experimental work that was groundbreaking and exemplary for the further recovery of the state-owned economy
  • For the introduction of technical improvements and innovations of state key importance in industrial and agricultural production, transport and communications, as well as for outstanding inventions in this area
  • For especially outstanding achievements in the field of organization of national defense, special vigilance to protect the state and its institutions as well as the socialist construction against enemy attacks under particularly difficult conditions and for the excellent performing specific jobs in these areas
  • For particularly high achievements in the field of the social sciences, especially in creative, independent, high-quality research in this area, in particular for services to the development of the history of the German people and the German labor movement
  • For outstanding achievements in the field of social services and health care that were extremely important for the entire population, in particular in the field of scientific research
  • For exceptionally great contributions in maintaining and promoting real friendly relations with the Soviet Union, the other socialist countries and all peace-loving peoples of the world as well as such relationships of family members and organizations of these peoples with the German Democratic Republic

Stylish look and manner

The Karl -Marx- order consists of a five-pointed golden hems star of ruby-red color ( maximum diameter 50 mm ) on a wreath of oak leaves. A golden medallion in the center of the star shows the portrait of Karl Marx as a relief. The back is smooth. The points of the star are also held red and edged with gold. Was driven the Order at a wine-red pentagonal fabric clasp at the left chest of the Beliehenen to meetings, on 1 May, 8 May ( Liberation Day ), October 7 ( Republic Day ) or other particularly extraordinary events such as acts of state or hard sessions. For multiple orders and medals of Karl -Marx- Orden was always taken as the highest domestic decoration innermost. The accompanying interim clasp is of the same nature, but also shows the center bearing a golden oak leaf. Collectives who have been awarded the Karl -Marx- Orden, wore this embroidered banner in the form of their (business ) banner.

Withdrawal and return of the Order

The Karl -Marx- Orden was the Beliehenen also withdrawn on a proposal from the Council of Ministers, especially in prosecutions moderate to severe nature. Furthermore, the order was initiated at internal party disciplinary proceedings that led to the expulsion from the party, military service, dismissal or grade reductions, withdrawn. The Karl -Marx- Orden, which was awarded to a person who died in the following period or was considered lost, had to be returned by the survivors of the Council of Ministers of the GDR. If a person posthumously or after they had been lost, was honored with the Order, the Order remained also the Council of Ministers. The award certificates, however, was presented the award winners of the family.

Award procedure

The award of the Karl -Marx- Order on the recommendation of the Council of Ministers by the President of the GDR, and later by the Council of State in the festive act The award deserving groups and individuals was then usually on the occasion of May 1st ( International Referee and holiday of the working people ) and the 7th of October ( Republic Day ) and for a special reason. A multiple award possible. In addition to the Order, the Beliehenen an award certificate was presented. Individuals can also rewarded with a bonus of last 20,000 mark. In the very rare awarding of the title Hero of the GDR also the Karl Marx Order was granted and paid a total premium of last 25,000 marks.

Of the Order (selection)