Basil Williams (figure skater)

Basil Williams was a British figure skater who started in a single run and pair skating.

He was a stockbroker in London and wealthy enough to spend his winters in France and Switzerland.

His only appearance in the World Cup had Williams in 1912 in Manchester at the side of Enid Harrison. They were placed there as a sixth. The following year, Williams became a British champion. He defeated among others Phyllis Johnson, who, as at this time there were no independent women's competition, whirring in the men's competition. Johnson, who was in 1909 and 1912 with her husband, James H. Johnson became world champion in pair skating, had to find a new skating partner after the First World War, as her husband was struggling with health problems. Basil Williams was her new partner and together he and Johnson participated in the 1920 Summer Olympics in Antwerp part and won the bronze medal behind Ludowika Jakobsson and Walter Jakobsson, representing Finland, and the Norwegians Alexia Bryn and Bryn Yngvar. Williams competed at the Olympic Games in a single run and finished the competition in seventh place.

Williams later married the daughter of Wilbur Whitehead, director of the Simplex Automobile Corporation and one of the best American bridge player.


Single run

Pair of running

( 1912 Enid Harrison, 1920 Phyllis Johnson)