Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi Raion

Rajon Bilhorod - Dnistrovskyi (Ukrainian Білгород - Дністровський район / Bilhorod - Dnistrovskyi rayon; Russian Белгород - Днестровский район / Belgorod- Dnestrowski raion, Romanian Raionul Cetatea Albă ) is a raion ( administrative district) in the Odessa, in southern Ukraine. The center is the city of Rajons Bilhorod - Dnistrovskyi.

The Rajon originated in 1944 after the reconquest of Bessarabia by the Soviet Union and was at that time in the Izmail oblast on the territory of the Ukrainian SSR. In 1954 the Oblast was dissolved and Ismail Rajon came to Odessa, he is since 1991 part of today's Ukraine.

The Rajon bordered to the northwest by Moldova in the northeast for a short distance to the Rajon Biljajiwka, to the east by Rajon Ovidiopol, to the south by the Black Sea, to the southwest by the Rajon Tatarbunary and to the northwest by the Rajon Sarata.

Administrative Divisions

Villages and settlements