Kotovsk Raion

The Rajon Kotowsk (Ukrainian Котовський район / rayon Kotowskyj; Russian Котовский район / Kotowski raion ) is a administrative unit in Odessa in southern Ukraine. The center is the city of Rajons Kotowsk, but this is not part of Rajonsgebiet.


The Rajon is in the northwest of Odessa, he bordered on the northeast by the Rajon Kodyma, to the north by Rajon Balta, to the east by Rajon Ananjiw, in the south for a short distance to the Rajon Frunsiwka, in the southwest on the Rajon Krasni Okny and to the west by Moldova and Transnistria ( Rajon Rîbniţa ).


The Rajon was built in 1923 and initially carried the name Rajon Birsula, 1935 with the renaming of the Rajonszentrums in Kotowsk, whose name is derived from the Soviet general Grigory Kotowski, it got its present name. Between 1924 and 1940, the Rajon was part of the Moldavian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic.

Administrative Divisions

Villages and settlements