Tarutyne Raion

Rajon Tarutyne (Ukrainian Тарутинський район / rayon Tarutynskyj; Russian Тарутинский район / Tarutinski raion, Romanian Raionul Tarutina ) is a raion ( administrative district) in the Odessa, in southern Ukraine. The center of the Rajons is the urban-type settlement Tarutyne.

The Rajon opened in 1957 as part of the Odessa Oblast in the Soviet Union, he is since 1991 part of today's Ukraine. Until 2006, the village belonged Selena Dolyna ( Зелена Долина ) for Rajon.

The Rajon bordered to the north and west by Moldova, on the northeast by the Rajon Sarata, in the southeast and south by the Rajon Arzys as well as on a small piece in the southwest on the Rajon Bolhrad.


The population is multi-ethnic (as of 2001):

17,000 (37.5%) Bulgarians 11,100 ( 24.5 %), Ukrainians 7,500 (16.5%) Moldovans 6,300 ( 13.9%) Russians 2,700 (6.0%) Gagauz 200 ( 0.4 %), Roma 100 (0.2%) White Russians

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