Illichivsk (Ukrainian Іллічівськ; Russian Ильичёвск / Iljitschowsk ) is a port city in Ukraine with a population of 60,000 ( 2013).

Illichivsk located about 20 km south-west of Odessa on the Black Sea. Within the Odessa Oblast, the city is a separate entity ( district-free city) and is enclosed by Rajon Ovidiopol. The city circle next to the city and the urban-type settlement Olexandriwka ( Олександрівка ) and the two villages Burlatscha Balka include ( Бурлача Балка ) and Malodolynske ( Малодолинське - formerly German small Liebental ). The latter was originally a settlement of Catholic Alsatian and belonged to the colonists District Großliebental the Black Sea Germans.

The city was built around the port in 1958 erected around since 1973, has a city charter and is the seat of the traditional Black Sea shipping company " Blasco ", which was the largest shipping company in Europe in the early 1990s. Although this has become almost meaningless by economic circumstances to Illichivsk developed as the city with the highest per capita income in Ukraine. A large part of the working population of the city is engaged in port and shipping industry. The port is one of the largest in Europe. Many shipping companies have their headquarters in the city or operate a branch here. Even the largest fishing operation of the Ukraine, "Antarctica ", is located here. Since 1978 there is a rail ferry to Varna (Bulgaria). More Trajekte to Poti and Batumi insist (Georgia), as well as Derince in Istanbul.


  • Estonia Narva, Estonia
  • Turkey Beyoğlu, Turkey
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Sons and daughters of the town

  • Svetlana Baburyna ( born 1985 ), Ukrainian beach volleyball player
  • Mykola Stezjura ( born 1986 ), Ukrainian handball player