Ovidiopol (Ukrainian Овідіополь; Овидиополь Russian, Romanian Ovidiopol, Turkish Hacıdere ) is an urban-type settlement in the south of Ukraine, about 32 kilometers west of Odessa on the east bank of the Dniester Liman's lying. It is the center of the same name Rajons Ovidiopol.

The settlement arose at the end of the 18th century as a fortress to protect the Dnistermündung and the Black Sea from raids of the Turks, on 15 June 1793, the foundation stone was to build on the ruins of an older Turkish fortress ( destroyed 1769) set. In 1795 the name was determined by decree of Empress Catherine in honor of here in the area gewesenen exiled poet Ovid as Ovidiopol. 1970 the site of an urban-type settlement status was granted.

Since 1916 there is also a train station in the city than at the end of the line from Odessa, through the continued construction of the route until after Bilhorod - Dnistrovskyi but the importance of the station has been greatly reduced.