Frunzivka Raion

Rajon Frunsiwka (Ukrainian Фрунзівський район / rayon Frunsiwskyj; Russian Фрунзовский район / Frunsowski raion ) is a raion ( administrative district) in the southern Ukrainian oblast of Odessa.


The Rajon is in the northwest of Odessa, bordered to the northwest and north by the Rajon Krasni Okny, for a short distance to the north by Rajon Kotowsk, in the northeast on the Rajon Ananjiw, to the east by Rajon Schyrjajewe, to the south by Rajon Welyka Mychajliwka and to the west by Moldova and Transnistria ( Rajon Grigoriopol ).


The Rajon was built in 1923 and initially carried the name Rajon Sacharjiwka, 1927 with the renaming of the Rajonszentrums in Frunsiwka it received its present name.

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