Bolhrad Raion

Rajon Bolhrad (Ukrainian Болградський район / rayon Bolhradskyj; Russian Болградский район / Bolgradski raion, Romanian Raionul Bolgrad ) is a raion ( administrative district) in the Odessa, in southern Ukraine. The center is the city of Rajons Bolhrad.

The Rajon was made in 1940 after the occupation of Bessarabia by the Soviet Union and was in the Oblast Akkerman (from the August 7, 1940 Izmail Oblast ). However, he came in 1941 to the re-conquest in 1944 to the Kingdom of Romania, since a part of the territory of Ukraine or the Ukrainian SSR. In 1954 the Oblast was dissolved and Ismail Rajon came to Odessa. Since 1991 he is part of today's Ukraine.

The Rajon borders the northwest of Moldova, in the northeast for a short distance to the Rajon Tarutyne, to the east by Rajon Arzys, to the south by Rajon Ismail and south for a short distance to the Jalpuhsee and Rajon Reni. In Rajon there is a large Bulgarian population.


The population is multi-ethnic (as of 2001):

45,600 ( 60.8 %) Bulgarians 14,000 (18.7%) Gagauz 6,000 ( 8.0%), Russians 5,700 (7.5 %), Ukrainians 1,600 ( 2.1%) Albanians 1,200 (1.5%) Moldovans

Administrative Divisions


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