Blackfriars station

Blackfriars is a rail station in the district in the City of London, the financial district of London. The facility, which also includes an underground station of the London Underground, located in the Travelcard Zone 1, on the north bank of the Thames, next to Blackfriars Bridge. In the year 2011 there were 12.089 million passengers, the railway the station, the subway station was closed.



The Blackfriars Station is a combination of a through station and railhead. The running lines are used by companies, First Capital Connect and Southeastern. Trains on the Thameslink route to Bedford, St Albans and Luton in the north, Brighton, Sutton and Sevenoaks in the south. All tracks run on the south side of the station directly to the Blackfriars Railway Bridge. By March 2009, some trains used on three head tracks, which were subsequently removed. As a replacement arose in connection with construction work, two new head rails that are used since May 2012 during the rush hour and on weekends.


The first station with the name of the district Blackfriars ( in German "Black Brothers ", named after a former convent of the Dominicans in the area ) was located on the south side of the River Thames and was called Blackfriars Bridge. It was opened on June 1, 1864 by the London, Chatham and Dover Railway ( LC & DR). On 21 December the same year she took the Blackfriars Railway Bridge and the subsequent route on Ludgate Hill, and through the Snow Hill tunnel to Farringdon in operation. On the north side of the bridge, the trains initially thought not. On 1 October 1885, the LC & DR closed the station on the south bank ( he served until 1964 the freight). On the north side was a replacement a new building in the neo-Renaissance style, which was called St Paul's and was opened on 10 May 1886.

The end connection through Farringdon towards King's Cross were added in 1916. On 1 February 1937, the St Paul's station was renamed Blackfriars. Mid-1970s, one modernized him fundamentally, on 30 November 1977, the official re-opening. From the original station single stone foundations have been preserved. By 1990, ended the trains that went through Blackfriars, a few hundred meters further north in the now-demolished Holborn Viaduct Station. Since the re- commissioning of the S -Bahn -like Thameslink route in the same year the trains to King's Cross and on to the northern suburbs.

From spring 2009 to summer 2012, the station was completely rebuilt, the office building above it was demolished and replaced by a new building. The through platforms was extended to the northern part of the Blackfriars Railway Bridge to accommodate trains with twelve cars (previously eight) can.


Under the railway station is the London Underground station, where trains on the Circle Line and the District Line operate.

The station, which always Blackfriars was in contrast to the station, was opened on May 30, 1870 by the Metropolitan District Railway (MDR ), the predecessor company of the District Line. Blackfriars was little more than a year, the eastern terminus of the route here from Westminster leading section. On 3 July 1871, the MDR extended its routes to the Mansion House. Due to the restructuring of the railway station, the subway station on March 2, 2009, it was closed and only almost three years later, February 20, 2012 re-opened.