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Botafogo is a neighborhood ( bairro ) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which is located on the water side. The district is located between the hills of Mundo Novo, Santa Marta ( of the district of Laranjeiras separates ) and Morro de São João ( separating it from Copacabana ). It lives there in the first line of a middle class population of Rio de Janeiro. The name derives was João Pereira de Sousa Botafogo, which was during the colonial period, the owner of the piece of land on which today Botafogo. The name literally means " putting it in fire" and is in communication with the Italian surname Buttafuoco.

The Botafogo beach is located at the Guanabara Bay, and is thus shielded from the Atlantic Ocean near the Urca peninsula and Sugarloaf of.

Botafogo has a high concentration of cafes, cinemas and theaters. In Botafogo are also two of the largest shopping malls in the city, Praia de Botafogo shopping and the shopping RioSul.

Furthermore, the famous opera singer Bidu Sayão was born in Botafogo.

In addition, this neighborhood Rios namesake of the eponymous dance step in the Samba.


  • The childhood home of Ruy Barbosa
  • The Museu do Indio - Indio, a museum depicting the cultural history of the indigenous population of Brazil.
  • The Villa -Lobos Museum.