Capilano University

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The Capilano University since September 1, 2008, a state university in North Vancouver in the Canadian province of British Columbia. The precursor institution was the Capilano College, which had existed since 1968. She was raised in preparation for the Winter Olympic Games of the year 2010 2004 for British Columbia Centre for Tourism Leadership and Innovation. The University campus located in Squamish and Sechelt.

The name evokes the chief of the Squamish Joseph Capilano.


The Capilano College had just 784 students at its inception in 1968. As early as 1964 had the School Boards of North and West Vancouver, agreed by the Howe Sound and Sechelt to establish such a college, but it was only a referendum, the company continued through 1967, although the residents of Sechelt rejected the establishment.

The residents of the North Shore region gathered suggestions for names, while the name Capilano prevailed. In 1970, the Capilano College Foundation, funded the scholarships and additional faculty.

Opened in 1973 the main campus, the North Vancouver campus in 2055 Purcell Way with 1965 pupils, and the West Vancouver Secondary School helped out with mobile buildings. This year opened the first permanent building, the library, 1976, the Arbutus building, 1982, the Fir building. In 1991, the Cedar building, completed the Sportsplex and the Horticulture building, followed in 1996 the Birch building in which the theater is located. In the same year the Child Care Centre opened, the children of students supplied. 1993 replaced a new library building, the old library, which had become too small.

On the Squamish campus construction activity began in 1973 and the Learning Centre was completed the following year. However, the campus was only in 1979 that permanent buildings.

Only in 1977 was followed by the Sunshine Coast campus. It was renamed in 1980 in Sechelt campus and took on pupils of the same region.

In 2008, the college was elevated to a university. Your first chancellor was Peter Ufford. Ufford came from the University of British Columbia and is member of the National Olympic Committee of Canada.

In August 2009, the college received the necessary funds for the construction of a new film center.

Courses of Study

Capilano offers six so-called bachelor degrees, 16 associate degrees and more than 30 graduate programs. They may consist of six faculties (academic divisions ): liberal arts, business administration, to programs that are more technical colleges are assigned in Germany, such as tourism and leisure, but also health and education ..

But what Capilano are distinguished rather interdisciplinary programs, such as Global Stewardship, Culture and Technology and British Columbia studies. Also programs for applied ethics, design or illustration, and music therapy are offered.