St. Francis Xavier University

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Saint Francis Xavier University, in short: StFX, is a university in Nova Scotia, Canada.

2012 were enrolled 4,935 full-time and 356 part-time students. Most students are undergraduates (the first four years of study with a bachelor 's degree ), but there is also a Graduate program (second university degree with master's degrees ).


The university was first established in 1853 by Colin Francis MacKinnon, Bishop of the Diocese of Antigonish as a seminary; It is named after Francisco de Xavier ( " Saint Francis Xavier "). In 1866 it was officially recognized by the state of Nova Scotia as a university. The University was the only university-level training center by the end of the 19th century in Nova Scotia, Canada. With an agreement with the coming of the Order of Franciscan Sisters of Erlenbad active in North America, " School Sisters of St. Francis " in 1894 was the first time a university education for women are made possible. 1900 was founded on the StFX the " Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Martha ". After the end of World War II there has been an increase to the State's participation, which now ensures the main funding of Saint Francis Xavier University.


The University of St. Francis Xavier has four independent faculties:

  • Faculty of Arts ( Humanities )
  • Faculty of Science ( Natural Science )
  • Gerald Schwartz School of Business and Information Systems
  • School of Education

Even if StFX has an excellent reputation in the field of Undergraduate Studies / Bachelor programs, the University also offers graduate programs in the following disciplines:

  • Adult Education ( M.Ad.Ed. )
  • Biology ( M.Sc.)
  • Celtic Studies ( M. A. )
  • Chemistry ( M.Sc.)
  • Computer science ( M.Sc.)
  • Education ( M.Ed. )
  • Physics ( M.Sc.)

Tuition and housing

Tuition fees are CAD $ 7.158/Semester for foreigners

All students of the first and second year living in the dorms on campus. Catering will be provided as part of the meal plan in the cafeteria on campus.

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