University of Saskatchewan

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The University of Saskatchewan ( U of S ) is a public university based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The college was founded on April 3, 1907. She is a member of the University of the Arctic.

The University of Saskatchewan offers 58 different university degrees and diplomas in over 100 fields of study and, with about 19,800 students, the largest in Canada. High reputation enjoy the faculties of human and veterinary medicine and the agricultural college. The university is home to the only synchrotron in Canada and is a leader in the research project "The Canadian Light Source."

On the grounds of the University is the Diefenbaker Canada Centre, which deals with the life and work of Prime Minister John Diefenbaker.


The university offers bachelor's and master, as well as Diploma courses of study in the following specialist areas.

  • Agriculture & Bioresources
  • Arts & Science
  • Biotechnology
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Kinesiology
  • Open Studies

Affiliated Colleges are: Briercrest College, Central Pentecostal College, College of Emmanuel and St. Chad, Emma Lake Kenderdine Campus, Gabriel Dumont Institute of Métis Studies and Applied Research, Horizon College and Seminary, Lutheran Theological Seminary, Open Studies, Saskatoon Theological Union, St. Andrew 's College, St. Peter 's College, St. Thomas More College, Virtual College of Biotechnology, as well as for continuing and distance education programs.


The campus is located on the southeastern shore of the South Saskatchewan River, across which lies on the northwestern shore city center. Former Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier, laid the first foundation stone for the first building, the College Building on July 29, 1910., The architects Brown and Vallance were the first architects began building on campus and the first university building after Collegiate Gothic Style designed. The first buildings were kept in a shade of gray, which has evolved over the years into a landmark of historic buildings and the entire campus. The College Building which was built in the years 1910-1912 and officially opened in 1913, was made in 2001 under monument protection. The Saskatchewan 's Provincial University and Agricultural College was opened on May 1, 1913 by Walter Scott. Many of the buildings are connected by tunnels or skywalks.


There is a monthly campus newspaper that reports on various political, local and current events. Furthermore, a campus radio station on the premises. CJUS -FM originally started with the transmission operating in 1965 and was operated by the students. In 1983, the station broadcast a limited commercial license. In 1985, the transmission mode is set on the basis of savings in the budget. In 2005 CJUS started again broadcasting its transmission program, which continues to this day. The University maintains a partnership with the local radio station CFCR - FM, which employs volunteers.

Other facilities on campus include:

  • Library
  • Sports Facilities
  • Restaurants, cafes and bars
  • Bookseller
  • Shops for clothings
  • Computer Business
  • Dental Clinic
  • Department of Veterinary Medicine


Well-known researchers:

  • Emmett Matthew Hall (1898-1995), OC, CC, QC, LLB, Supreme Court judge and co-founder of the Canadian health system, Medicare
  • Gordon L. Barnhart, University Secretary, Professor in Political Science and Canadian Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan from 2006
  • Sylvia Fedoruk (1927-2012), University Chancellor, physicist, professor and specialist in nuclear medicine, Lieutenant-Governor of Saskatchewan (1988-1994)
  • JW Grant MacEwan, Director of the Department of Agriculture, Professor of Animal Husbandry, and Lieutenant Governor of Alberta 1966-1974
  • Gerhard Herzberg, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
  • William Sarjeant, geologist
  • Þórbergur Thorvaldson (1883-1965), Icelandic- Canadian chemist
  • Hilda Neatby (1904-1975), historian
  • Delwyn G. Fredlund, a civil engineer in the Geotechnical
  • Curt Wittlin, Romance

Known graduates ( excerpt):

  • Alastair GW Cameron (1925-2005), an astrophysicist, a professor at Harvard
  • Kim Coates, Actor
  • Gail Bowen ( born 1944 ), Canadian writer, high school teacher and playwright
  • William Deverell ( born 1937 ), Canadian writer and lawyer
  • N. Murray Edwards ( born 1959 ), President of Canadian Natural Resources
  • Tommy Douglas, Canadian politician
  • John Hewson, Australian politician
  • Henry Taube was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1983).

Known Start Up Company

  • SED Systems
  • IL Therapeutics
  • was founded by Steven Woods B.Sc. Born in 1987 and Verna Friesen B.Sc. Was born in 1987. Later bought by AOL.