Simon Fraser University

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The Simon Fraser University (SFU ) is located in the city of Burnaby in the Canadian province of British Columbia. Situated in an idyllic landscape on the Burnaby Mountain College is one of Canada's largest universities. It was founded in 1965. Every summer there Tamwood camps are held, in which young people from around the world to improve their English skills and take part in numerous activities. The university has three campuses in Burnaby, Surrey and Vancouver. Is named the university after the fur trader and explorer Simon Fraser. The University reached in 2009 and 2010 in the university ranking of the MacLean's magazine each the first place.


  • Faculty of Applied Sciences - Applied Sciences.
  • Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences - Arts and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Business Administration - Wirtschaftswissenschaftem
  • Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology -
  • Faculty of Education - Education
  • Faculty of Environment - Environmental Sciences
  • Faculty of Health Sciences - Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Science

Famous people and alumni (excerpt)

  • Francesco Aquilini, owner of the Vancouver Canucks and Rogers Arena
  • Gordon Campbell, Prime Minister
  • Calvin Chen, Taiwanese actor, singer and presenter.
  • Glen Clark, Prime Minister
  • Stephen Day (musician )
  • Brian Brett, Canadian poet and writer
  • Cynthia Flood, writer and lecturer in Creative Writing
  • Terry Fox, athlete
  • Stan Persky, Canadian writer, media commentator and lecturer
  • Fred Wah, Canadian poet and writer
  • Paul Watson, environmental activist and founder of Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd